Is Multiplayer the Future of Fallout?

Bethesda’s popular Fallout series has been successful with their player vs. environment (PvE) style games in their previous titles. However, with Fallout 76, being a multiplayer, player vs. player (PvP) game, what does this mean for the future of the franchise?

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NotanotherReboot926d ago

Considering Todd Howard said the eventual Fallout 5 will be single player, I'm inclined to say ummmmm no?

UltraNova926d ago

Nope he said " F5 will focus" on SP = if F 76 is successful F5 will definitely have MP.

Now I'm already kinda full after F4 so I dont mind taking a long long break until F5 comes out (provided its seriously focused on SP, that is).

Kosic926d ago

"Now I'm already kinda full after F4 so I dont mind taking a long long break"

That's how I feel, I didn't find F4 all that, I did play a large amount of the game as well. Fallout 76 just looked more of the same but with multiplayer. I doubt I'd buy it day one, as the MP doesn't really interest me.

If they went the way of Borderlands for loot, then I would consider it. Fallout's loot system is pretty crap, even in 4, where they were adding rare weapons with perks, it was still bad. I could understand having a 4 man team running around, gunning everything down, while a larger pool of loot is included (Division, or Borderlands style). It'll make the PVP and PVE aspects a lot more engaging.

doggo84926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

No. God No. No. No.No.No.No.No.No.No 1000 x NO!

Thunder_G0d_Bane926d ago

Obviously not.

Fallout 5 will come out at some point it’s just too soon for a sequel I feel. Fallout 76 looks like a good idea in the meantime.

I don’t know why people get so up in arms when a single player game gets a multiplayer spin off. It’s not a big deal calm down.

926d ago
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