Nintendo Aiming to Improve Switch Online Service to Make it “Worth Paying For”

Nintendo Switch Online didn't wow people when it was announced earlier this year. Could more features be added to the service?

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DarkVoyager2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

No themes
No wishlist
No proper voice chat
No interaction between friends
eShop needs a redesign

Fix these issues while you’re at it!

And now you’re wanting to fill the eShop with 30 indie games per week? Forget about quality let’s just fill it with shovelware.

wonderfulmonkeyman2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Actually, the system does apparently support regular voice chat.
People are using it in Fortnite.
So I guess that one is just Nintendo being Nintendo, when it comes to stuff like Splatoon and other online Nintendo games.
Hopefully chat will be a thing in Smash Ultimate without the app.

Also, the Eshop does have a Wishlist feature, and the system does have a themes feature, though there's no new themes added to that yet besides basic black and white.

And as for interaction between friends, an in-system messaging system would be just dandy. I expect that to be a thing with the new online. I also expect a redesign for the Eshop around that time, hopefully with some ACTUAL DAMNED MUSIC to it.

As to the indie games, how do you know most of them are not going to be worth it?
Look at them before assuming all will be shovelware.
More games to look through isn't a horrible thing.

3-4-52145d ago

Yea E-shop and online service has a lot of planned updates, but it will be more impactful to release those 1 week leading up to the price charge, so people can see what they are paying for.

At the end of the day, it's $20 a year....that is $1.67 a month......Don't be that person and complain about $1.67 a month.

Like really? $1.67 a month is breaking the bank for you? Even the poorest of poor people could scrounge up $1.67 a month.

So please stop with all the " It's not worth the money"...

It's worth way more than $1.67 a month and you know it.

Changes are coming, Nintendo isn't dumb enough to release it as is.....It just makes no sense to update those changes until it's about to release....so September we will see the changes we want.

Taz X142145d ago

@ 3-4-5
I don't care about the price, but paying for something that I don't use often for nothing more than access to online games is not something I'm willing to do. At the moment, the only online games I have are splatoon and mario kart, the former being the only one I play online at all really, and I don't see myself coughing up an additional $20 just to play that game online.

Services like PSN+ and LIVE still hold online multiplayer hostage behind a paywall and I'm not condoning it, but at the same time I do play quite a few multiplayer games on those consoles as well as receive games that I'll actually play from them (as well as constant discounts which Nintendo are notorious for). While it'd be nice to have some older games to throw on every now and then, until I see serious support from Nintendo and them going in the right direction, I'm not supporting their online regardless of cost.

Finally, the idea that they'll update everything right before releasing paid subscriptions is a terrible way to look at it. Services like this require constant attention and updates from said company, and until now Nintendo hasn't shown they're willing to do this. You may say, but with the cash they will, but from the effort they've shown thus far why should anyone fork over cash for unjustified promises?

Sony put their best foot forward way back on PS3 with the introduction of psn+ and has at the very least attempted to keep a level of satisfaction with it until now. LIVE was the first service which started to wane as 360 got a bit older and people began complaining about the comparisons to PSN+ (Which prompted them to improve). Nintendo's idea seems to be we can milk our fans by providing a discounted bargain bin version of the others, charge for what we've already been providing, and give just the bare minimum to keep the true blues satisfied.

In the age of customer satisfaction and company reputation, Nintendo seems to be taking all the wrongs steps with this service...

DarXyde2145d ago

Give it time, maybe? They're acknowledging the service is imperfect and are at least saying that they want it to be better.

And before you say "Nintendo had 2 generations to figure it out", it's fairly obvious that they march to their own beat, but they also had different leadership at the time.

Take it as an indication that they're in good hands and making progress.

princejb1342144d ago

some indies are good. Im in love with hollow knight at the moment

FallenAngel19842145d ago

I’d like to see them make the effort

Jackhass2145d ago

I'm sure they'll add new features if nobody signs up, but hopefully we don't have to wait.

Eonjay2144d ago

They did. They made a crossplay video with Microsoft. Gamers never asked for playability, stability, functionality or ease of use. They asked for crossplay in Minecraft and Fortnite.

ZaWarudo2145d ago

Party chat and friend messenging would be nice.

jairusmonillas2145d ago

This is just PR talks. I doubt they would even bother improving it. This is Nintendo afterall. Once they got your money they don't care about consumers.

XxSPIDEYxX2145d ago

I just want Smash bros Ultimate to run well online. That alone would warrant a subscription.

NotoriousWhiz2145d ago

Hopefully it does, but if it doesn't, I've still got Brawlout and Indie pogo (maybe) to play online.