The Exceed System Needs To Be Revamped In Devil May Cry 5

Huzaifah writes: "Now bear with me here, because I acknowledge that this might be a divisive opinion within the Devil May Cry fandom, but I personally really hated the Exceed mechanic. It definitely had its moments when it worked, often times purely by luck on my part, but mostly it just bought the flow of combat to a grinding halt."

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FallenAngel1984869d ago

Who knew we’d live in an era when we’d see new sequels to over the top action series like Darksiders, Bayonetta, & Devil May Cry?

The only thing that’d make this more perfect would be if a new Ninja Gaiden game got announced.

AK91868d ago

I think Team Ninja had moved onto Nioh and I honestly prefer that over Ninja Gaiden.

Chexs1990868d ago

Dude, never forget Ninja Garden 3... Let them stick to NiOh which is awesome xD

WitcheRivia868d ago

I only want Ninja Gaiden (and DOA for that matter) if Itagaki is making it (he obviously wouldn't be making them which is why both of those IPs are trash now).

Chexs1990868d ago

Love Devil May Cru, hated the exceed skills. I don't wanna charge stuff in the middle of my combat flow, even if some charges could be mitigated by skill-switches... It interrupted my flow-base