What is the Future of Resident Evil?

Capcom has been hitting some serious home runs with Resident Evil lately. Between Resident Evil VII and Resident Evil 2's reimagining, could the series be enjoying a revitalized rebirth?

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Skull521104d ago

I would like to see RE1 in the style of the upcoming RE2 remake. I tried buying the RE1 remaster that came out a few years ago but just couldn’t get into it, felt too dated.

GamesMaster1982103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

That's unfortunate. As for me the RE 1 REMAKE/REMASTER is the best REMAKE/REMASTER i have ever played ever.

103d ago
FallenAngel1984103d ago

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis & Resident Evil: Code Veronica are currently the only mainline games in the series that aren’t playable on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One.

GamesMaster1982103d ago

Code Veronica is on PS4. Mind just as the PS2 Classic version. But still it's on PS4 and with trophys.

FallenAngel1984103d ago

Then RE3 remains the only mainline installment not playable on current platforms

AK91103d ago

RE8 after RE2R and then who knows.

gantarat103d ago

If Rumor is True next RE game after RE2R it will be REV 3 that gameplay is action-coop

TricksterArrow103d ago

Resident Evil Outbreak Remaster/Remake

GamesMaster1982103d ago

Would love this. Was replaying Outbreak File 2 a while back, good game, and alot harder than i remember too ha. but would love to play this on current gen with friends.

gantarat103d ago

2019 - Revelation 3
2020 - RE 8
2021 - RE 3 Remake

we probably see some RE Spin-off or Remaster between that.

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