"Millions of people" are still playing Skyrim every month

Todd Howard on the many Skyrim ports: "If you want us to stop releasing it, stop buying it."

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PhantomS42103d ago

Todd Howard has seemed to become just really bitter and bothered by the fact people want new content to their biggest franchise. During E3 he seemed highly uninterested in being there. The several snarky comments about fans asking about The Elder Scrolls 6 and even the FU "joke" video about releasing Skyrim on Alexa and not to mention his "Now stop asking" comment when they finally showed the teaser for TES6. He does realize now that it's known it IS in development that he is only going to get a million more questions about it and when it's releasing at every convention he appears at, right? He can't be that short-sighted to realize those questions aren't coming now more than ever. Even Fallout 76 he seemed to not care and that only got worse when the reactions to being online only and a survival game with no NPCs was revealed and the audience was unexcited.

It might be time for him to step down if he is this annoyed. You can't be annoyed people are making jokes at the number of times you re-release if you continue to do it. You can't be annoyed about people really anticipating the next entry in your biggest franchise without a word about it in 8 years. At this point, he is starting to treat fans like garbage because he is clearly getting burnt out. I get they were banking on FO76 to be the big spotlight of the show but they should have realized it was not going to be received well with what the game is.

UnHoly_One103d ago

Wow I couldn’t have gotten a more opposite impression of him at the E3 show.

Seemed to me he was just joking and having fun with it. He has a pretty dry delivery, but he was clearly joking.

And the Skyrim on Alexa thing is real, by the way. It was presented like a joke but that is absolutely a real thing.

k2d103d ago

I dusted off my PSVR and I've have had three sessions with Skyrim VR. I've got to say..;

Skyrim VR might possibly be the best gaming experience I've ever had!

That statement combined with the fact that PSVR motion control is barely serviceable, and Skyrim wasn't built with VR in mind..

People wanted a killer app for VR, and Skyrim is IT.

AnubisG103d ago

I think you watched E3 in an different universe. Because in this one, Todd Howard loved being at E3 and he said so multiple times and he rocked the stage at Bethesda. He showed off a lot of cool stuff and even a teaser of TES6. So....yeah.

PhantomS42103d ago

Yeah, a teaser followed by "Now stop asking" in a very bothered tone. Anything that had to do with Elder Scrolls he seemed to just be annoyed with. Guess you're not the best at body language or vocal tone. Even this article is very dismissive. People keep buying elder scrolls to show their support and interest for new games but Todd Howard but he's annoyed because people want TES6 and keep asking about it.

uth11103d ago

to be fair, nobody on stage would say anything other than they loved being there, unless it's the Devolver press conference maybe

Name Last Name103d ago

@ Phantom
"Guess you're not the best at body language or vocal tone"
lol right back at ya

AnubisG103d ago


Not great at bodylanguage and vocal tone huh? Well, better than you that is for sure. What you are saying is a bunch of nonsense.

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Kavorklestein103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Todd Howard was a class act who actually had comedic timing and nerdy charisma. He always seems like a developer I'd enjoy bouncing ideas off of and I respect him a lot.

On topic, I think Skyrim is a timeless Classic.
It is like "The Lord of the Rings" of video game fantasy with enough depth to itch the RPG purist's demands on a basic level, and enough simplicity to be accessible for those who just want to go around and kill stuff and collect items.

It's not a "perfect" game, (what is perfect, anyway?) but it will always be a timeless classic in my mind.

I always have and always will recommend it to anyone who has not played it before.
Bethesda's Crowning Achievement deserves to played time and time again.
If gamers like it, it will show... and it does show.

Like Fus-Roh-Duhhhhhh- obviously people are still playing it. (:

josh-eh103d ago

Really want to finally play it, I never knew if I’d be able to get into it. I love a good story and world to explore. Do you recommend playing the PS4 remaster or VR version for the first time?

Kavorklestein103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

I've played the Original on PC, xbox 360, and The Remaster also.

I've heard the VR version is kinda wonky... and odd textures etc... I'd say you're safer doing the Remastered one with all DLC included. It's beautiful in 4k if you have a PS4 pro/Xb1x

CorndogBurglar103d ago

Based off the other comments and my own thoughts of his E3 presentation you seem to be in the minority with the problem of reading people's body language and tone. Because it doesn't seem like many people got the same impression you did.

Aceman18103d ago

I beat it once and that was enough for me. Never had the desire to ever replay again.

UltraNova103d ago

Same here, although I would definitely go at it again in VR.

generic-user-name103d ago

You need to put more points into your Perception stat m8.

EDKICK103d ago

Phantom: condescendly says person isn't good at reading people.
Also Phantom: Is clearly horrible at reading people.

Good job dude.

mixelon103d ago

You completely misread him. 100% no question about it. He was clearly having fun.

TargusX102d ago

I think he always looks burnt out?

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feju103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

The saddest fact is that none of 1st party exclusives still being played by millions of people like the long haul of Skyrim.

Tobse103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Minecraft eyyyy

Skyrim is out on every platform, of course more people can play it than exclusives

Lighter9103d ago

That Legendary Dragon trophy has kept me playing. Right now, I'm trying to get that last FO4 trophy Eyes on the Prize, which is about as much bs as getting to level 78 in Skyrim.

Profchaos103d ago

My last fo4" trophy is benevolant leader its frustrated me for months

OhReginald103d ago

Skyrim was really awesome pre-May 19th, 2015.

lxeasy102d ago

Its still really awesome your wrong lol

FITgamer103d ago

I have it on Steam, still haven't tried it yet. One day.

Kavorklestein103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Do yourself a favor and play it soon when you have the chance!

KyRo103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

I had it on Steam for years, finally started playing it and realised it was typical ES with Terrible voice acting, animations and pretty bad combat. The world is beautiful but it's not as amazing as people make out.

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