Sega Franchises That Deserve a Comeback

We explore the Sega classics that are ripe for revival! From Panzer Dragoon Saga to Virtua Fighter, discover why these legendary games deserve a comeback on next-gen consoles. Dive into a nostalgic journey and see which Sega titles are set to captivate a new generation of gamers in 2024.

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ZeekQuattro33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Turned based Phantasy Star and Shinning Force remain at the top of my list of Sega IPs that need to return. At the very least I'd take a Shining Force collection that has 1,2,3, CD and the Game Gear entries.

FinalBoss33d ago

I was hesitant to put these two on. I've personally played more PSO than the RPG version. And shame on me, I don't remember much about Shining Force to talk about it properly.

That said, so many Sega licences deserve their place in this list.

jznrpg31d ago

A new Phantasy Star in the numbered series would be amazing. Shining Force too. But I’d settle on some collections as that’s probably the best we will get

anast33d ago

I don't trust Sega to do a proper comeback. The games will be just remastered and/or monetized to death.

gold_drake32d ago

shining force.

but indont see that happening unfortunately.


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Petebloodyonion3d ago

It's the why we close servers after 2 years, why we re-use the same assets every year, and why we bundle our game with enjoyable microtransactions.

neutralgamer19923d ago

Running digital casinos in every game

Rebel_Scum2d ago

Re-using assets is not a bad thing tbh. Development is all about re-using code, assets and components.

neutralgamer19923d ago

Can you please focus on delivering enough quality content to justify the $70 asking price? While I appreciate the idea of over-delivering, it's essential to ensure that the base content itself is worth it. I have concerns that GTA6 might have less single-player content because most of the focus seems to be shifting towards online play and microtransactions

Inverno3d ago

The sleaze oozes out of these gaming CEOs faces. It's honestly disturbing how distorted people look when you've realized how money obsessed they really are. He gives off "in one ear and straight out the other" vibes.

jambola3d ago

I really don't get it
do they think anyone believes what they say?
is it that being in charge surrounds you by so many yesmen that they get deluded into thinking everyone is like that?

JackBNimble2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Well if you look at the last 10 years you will notice there wasn't as single paid dlc. Every update was free whether you want to complain about sharkcards or not.

They're going to make billions on this game especially if they keep the same formula as last in regards to updates.

Good-Smurf3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Selling Shark cards and removing content are not exactly "good news for consumers" lol.
The last time they released any DLC worth playing was 15 years ago.
GTA V is so broken and unbalanced that people would rather do stupid cringey stunts with than do heists.

JackBNimble2d ago

I'm sure the player base would disagree, and gta5 is still being supported, much longer then most games, after all I bought gta5 day 1 on ps3....

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