5 Platinum Trophies that are Just Plain Unfair

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of PlayStation trophies, let's look at the five most ridiculous platinum trophies of all time.

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ChrisW1783d ago ShowReplies(4)
SoulWarrior1783d ago

Fortnite is just an absurd grind not necessarily that difficult, but the hardest platinum trophies are from games like Super Meatboy and even moreso, Crypt of the Necrodancer.

ZeroX98761782d ago

Super Meat boy!
I intended to platinum it, but I never went to see the complete list of trophies until not too long ago. I said to myself back then : "the hardest one must be getting a+ every stages", but no. They had to include a "complete all worlds without dying once" for each world, including the dark world versions! How crazy is that ?!?!?!

Skull5211782d ago

Still never seen any harder than Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

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bujasem_891782d ago

For me it was the first mirrors edge.

Killa781782d ago

Yakuza 0 was a bit** hidden behind Japanese language/mahjong lol

-Foxtrot1782d ago

Overwatch's and Final Fantasy X for me

Other multiplayer games these days or if they have an online part of the game

Final Fantasy IX...those 200 jumps...urgh

Gardenia1782d ago

Final Fantasy IX 1000 jump rope is total bullshit. Luckily you can use an auto clicker script with PS Remote Play

metalgod881782d ago

I got to 680, lost focus for one second and failed. I couldn't believe it... decided to collect all the cards instead haha

-Foxtrot1782d ago

Shit its 1000

That’s even worse...Christ

thelaughingwiseman1782d ago

DC heroes such as Deadpool, Harley Quinn and Quicksilver lol Damn, I do not take this list seriously.

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