10 Most Disappointing Games of 2018 So Far...

COGconnected: 2018 has been a year of highly anticipated announcements and sequels, but they haven't all been gems. Here are the top 10 disappointing games of 2018.

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SolidGamerX374d ago

Can we even really call Radical Heights a game, was more like an egotistical experiment gone wrong.

BiggerBoss373d ago

Quantum Break was the most disappointing game of the entire gen imo.

I thought it would be incredible, and it turned out to be absolute garbage.

BiggerBoss373d ago

Too late to edit, just realized the article was about 2018.

In that case it is DEFINITELY Sea of Thieves.

So much hype, so little game.

BiggerBoss373d ago

Radical Heights was bad, but had nowhere near the hype that Sea of Thieves had.

Sea of Thieves is BY FAR the most disappointing game of 2018.

I honestly can't believe that this "game" was hyped as much as it was.

RosweeSon373d ago

I can it was Microsoft’s only major game so they had to hype something ;)

GamesMaster1982374d ago

Each to their own but Metal Gear Survive is one of my best this year so far. Maybe because im not on the F Konami bandwagon, or a over paid youtube celeb wanabe that only played less than an hour to make an opinion that it is too hard for them.

BiggerBoss373d ago


Sorry, but no.

Metal Gear Survive is crap. What exactly do you like about the game??

373d ago
BiggerBoss373d ago


Was that even a reply to my comment? I honestly don't understand what you're trying to say.

Knushwood Butt373d ago

Prettygood is suggesting that GamesMaster is only saying they like the game to be different.

GamesMaster1982373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

What so i have to blindly follow the sheep and hate the game because it's the cool kid thing ?. I'm sorry but NO, i really enjoyed every hour i put into it. Each of us like different games.

Z501373d ago

What exactly don't you like about the game??
What's your achievement/trophy %??

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CaptainOmega373d ago

You don't need to be any of those to not like the game.

paintedgamer1984373d ago

Id add,

Detroit Become Human
Mario Tennis

BiggerBoss373d ago

What was disappointing about Detroit?

It was a David Cage game, and honestly did pretty well for a David Cage game.

I thought it was much better than Beyond, and even liked it better than Heavy Rain.

paintedgamer1984373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

The controls were clunky... basically my biggest gripe. Agreed tho, it was his best effort

BiggerBoss373d ago


I don't disagree that the controls were clunky, but this would be obvious if you've played the previous QD games.

I agree that the controls could be better, but overall I enjoyed the game.

paintedgamer1984373d ago

I didnt pay 60$$ i rented it on gamefly, beat it, and returned it. You shouldnt automatically assume someone paid full price for a game... hell i could have rented it from redbox for 3 days and paid 9$

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lociefer373d ago

If you played detroit and expected a fps experience then i have bad news for you

BiggerBoss373d ago


Why on earth would you pay $60 for a game that you KNEW you wouldn't like?

Detroit is the exact same type of game as Beyond and Heavy Rain, but better.

What exactly were you expecting?

Not hating, just wondering?

lociefer373d ago

What i'm trying to say is, those who buy cage's games already know what they are in for. You can't go in expecting something different, BUT if you liked one of his previous work and hated this one, you might have an argument.

Also i would appreciate it if you can leave my tits out of this, they did you nothing wrong

2pacalypsenow373d ago

I’ll add “Sony exclusive” since the list has 2 Xbox exclusives.

doggo84371d ago

There was nothing disappointing about detroit. Maybe it was disappointing from a hater's perspective (hence why you want to add it), because the game turned out to be fantastic.

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FallenAngel1984373d ago

You had high hopes for cardboard? Lmao

It entertained who it appeals to and didn’t entice people who it didn’t appeal to. Idk how it can be disappointed in it

373d ago
AK91373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

LABO should honestly be number 1, how is cardboard supposed to to make any noise in the video game industry?

BiggerBoss373d ago

LABO is cardboard, I don't think that anybody on this website considers it as a serious game.

doggo84371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

I saw someone on here say "Labo is LITERALLY better than God of war". An actual person said that LOL LOL LMAO.

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