No Shelter Here - Fallout Shelter's Useless Nihilism

These tiny paper dolls in jumpsuits won’t stop smiling. Their former homes are ash and rubble. Television sets and martini glasses and children’s teddy bears. Annihilated. Record players and lawn mowers and novelty gyrating hula girl lamps. Vapourized.

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Bobafret104d ago

Out of morbid curiosity I read this diatribe. Pure SJW bs.

galp104d ago

I'm genuinely confused and curious - what's the "SJW" part?

TFJWM104d ago

If he thinks this is SJW bs he needs to work on his reading comprehension...

Bobafret104d ago

If you didn't pick up on the clear animus towards Western culture and capitalism then it is both of you that need better reading comprehension.

galp104d ago

Hmmm....I really don't. I see some animus towards crass consumerism, and a lot towards mindless clicker games that don't add anything meaningful to anything.

BenjaMan64103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

As annoying as those who scream sexism/racism or whatever at nearly anything can be, in my experience Anti-SJWs are far more vocal and nonsensical.

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