Square Enix: Octopath Traveler Is A Spiritual Successor To Final Fantasy VI

Octopath Traveler producer Masashi Takahashi and composer Yasunori Nishiki are both in attendance at Japan Expo this week. French site Jeuxvideo caught up with the two to learn more about the game. Lelouch0612 provides the following details from the discussion:

– Both are 33 years old and grew up during the golden era of SNES JRPGs with the gameplay and visual style of the time (pixel-art)
– When Takahashi entered Square Enix, he wanted to do these kind of games but he was told that it was easier to develop more modern-looking games
– After years of hard and successful work, he was finally able to do the kind of projects he initially wanted to work on
– In terms of game mechanics, if Bravely was a spiritual successor of FFV, Octopath has been developed as a spiritual successor of FFVI

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Geobros131d ago

1.5 million demo downloaded is a success for me!

Prince_TFK131d ago

I didn’t even download the demo in fear of spoiling the story. I’m sure this game is gonna be a smash hit for both Nintendo and SE.

Geobros130d ago

Me I did it for being 100% sure I want the game. I played easily the first hour and I decided to stop for waiting for the complete version. For me, it is useless to play 3 hours and to wait 1 month for playing the rest of the game. I will replay it from the beginning.

At the moment, I play I am Setsuna and it is epic!!! I have already 30 hours and I go on.

sssb130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

No fear of spoiling, I tried the demo it's make me more excited than before trust me, what hooked me to Octopath Traveler it's art style, remind me a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics art style which is amazing in my opinion.

DJK1NG_Gaming131d ago

The game will sell anywhere between 2-3 million units.

kevnb131d ago

It will be huge in japan, hopefully it does well outside japan as well.

131d ago
Kostche131d ago

FF6/7/8/9/10 then Octopath Traveler everything else has been trash, its just shame they never had the balls to make ff7 turn based like this great game Octopath Traveler, the amount of people that still want turn based games is still out there

kevnb131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

I liked some of the other final fantasy games, but I agree. Why would they change the gameplay in the game in the series entry people like to play best? Its a huge smh moment.

TricksterArrow131d ago

It's a remake. You can always replay the original, though.

kevnb131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

its not even a remake, its some episodic action rpg with final fantasy 7 story. You cant completely change the gameplay and call it the same game or even a remake.

InKnight7s131d ago

Turn based games don't sell like Action games.

Comparing FFXV and FFXIII, XV sells better than Trilogy although the hype for XIII was without any previous disppointment. Yes Turnedbased games can be better and longer and masterpiece than any action games, but look at P5 it deserve to sell better than all 2009+ FF, but the market and consumers prefer action. Look at COD sales and the stupid battle royal trends. The besties rarely get any market attention.

kevnb130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

@InKnigh7s the original final fantasy 7 still sells smh... its by far the biggest game in the series. Do you honestly people will be happy if they turn it into a dumb square enix style button masher? Oh and there is nothing wrong with battle royale as a genre, fortnite is a fantastic game. Even call of duty is great, just over done.

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