Amazon Early July Game Blowout Sale

If you’re looking for new games for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and 3DS, Amazon is offering huge discounts on various games for these gaming platforms right now with its Early July Game Blowout Sale.

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TedCruzsTaint200d ago

Saw much cheaper pricing on a good few of these games through the recent Steam sale that ended just a few days ago.

shinoff2183200d ago

Steam isn't physical though and most of the time amazon deals are

Skull521199d ago

Yeah that is too bad cause digital is the only way to go. Once they ditch discs for consoles we can finally get steam type sales on console. As long as discs are out there they have to keep those digital prices higher so they can move those dumb pieces of plastic.

Servbot41199d ago

You will never get "steam type sales on consoles" because its a walled garden and the only store available to each console. Steam has competitors, the PS Store and Xbox Store would not if they removed physical media. Digital only for consoles is a terrible anti-consumer idea.

shinoff2183199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

@skull521 not sure if you've noticed but the amount of publishers coming out with physical releases for ps4 and switch is crazy. In fact there's more physical releases now then there were last gen. Sony has let smaller publishers print disc in low runs and Nintendo has recently jumped on board. Microsoft still has a crazy high minimum for print runs but that's not surprising we all know ms's intention of digital only. Digital is not the only way to go in fact it's the worst way, as a gamer/collector where's the preservation in digital only atleast with consoles. Once a store is shutdown that's it. Sure there maybe other means of getting them a jailbroken system or whatever. The Thing With You Guys Who Only Want Digital is you fail to see that there is room for both formats. Some of you are just flat out lazy "you mean I gotta get up and change the disc" . I don't think the disc have as much of an affect on digital sale prices as you'd like to believe. I was just on psn earlier and there were quite a few games that were on sale for a steal of a price. You can call disc dumb pieces of plastic all you want but again physical gaming still has gotten bigger this generation, with all these publishers nowadays it reminds me of nes, SNES, sega days. Also digital only is extremely anti consumer