Nintendo Classic Consoles Are Replacing the Virtual Console, Not Nintendo Online

Nintendo Classic Consoles Are Replacing the Virtual Console - With massive restocks of the NES and SNES classic consoles, along with rumors of a GCN Classic and N64 Classic console, Nintendo has no need for a virtual console.

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HeyHeyHeyGaming197d ago

Nintendo is making easy money off of these retro consoles. No way they stop now

emiyaxtousaka196d ago

if they drop a GCN classic edition, it will make so much money. With the Switch's limited amount of memory I'm not sure GC games would work on there tbh.

Concertoine196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

They run incredibly well on the nvidia shield which is basically switch tech.

MasterChief3624196d ago

The Switch has limited onboard memory, but you are able and encouraged to use a microSD card that ups the capacity significantly. I think you can go up to 256 GB?

Concertoine196d ago


Actually i think it goes up to 1TB or 2TB, which dont exist yet but when they do the switch can support them.

Right now 400GB is the biggest memory card ive seen.

Kosic196d ago

Shame really, as I would've loved to pick up some virtual console titles on the switch. These re-make consoles don't interest me in the slightest.

FallenAngel1984197d ago

There isn’t a need for Virtual Console. Not every console will be featured on these mini consoles.

VC will always be an appreciated feature

strayanalog197d ago

And while I understand where you're coming from, I think you're looking at it wrong.

I always thought the classic consoles were for fans/collectors or the, lack of a better term, nostalgic casual. You know, the ones who can't justify buying a $300-$400 console for a few games or simply don't care to play anymore, so $60 dollars is a fine investment for something they did like or know about.

Nintendo's online service - yes, the one everyone bashes before seeing it - is the Virtual Console replacement. It's the next logical step for it whether anyone believes it or not.
So let's sit back and relax and react when we know, for sure, what Nintendo is doing with their service, because until then it's all speculation and needless negativity for half of the story.‎

emiyaxtousaka196d ago

I kinda think they started out as a nostalgia thing, but, they've done way better than Nintendo could have ever imagined, so, I don't think they stop making them now. Putting GCN games on the switch will be hard IMO because of system memory issues. I only have a 64 gb micro sd and that's barely enough for my regular games (I usually by physical but some games in the US are digital only).

DazaMc196d ago

GameCube discs only hold 1.5Gb max so you could fit loads of games onto you memory card.

instantstupor196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

The Nintendo Online service is going to replace Virtual Console? You mean because they are giving out one included retro game per month with the little tweaks? If that is what you are saying, that means that they will put out something like 12 games a year. The Wii had 400 VC games. With the Switch Online thing, you'll only get those 12 games and nothing else will be available to you. Even if the Switch lasts 5 years past when the online service begins, it won't even hit 1/4th of what Wii had. That seems like a poor replacement to me.

It really seems strange that they aren't taking advantage of their back catalog of classic games when people are clamoring for them. Seems like absurdly easy money. And they could use a bolstering of titles like that as they continue to try to build their Switch-native catalog. I know they were doing something Virtual-Console-esque on the Nvidia Shield, so perhaps (and hopefully) that work will translate into something for the Switch soon.

Rippcity196d ago

Been saying this since the Wii U was supposed to get GC and N64 games. Makes absolutely zero business sense to not have a virtual console. They are missing out on mega money. Nintendo has a massive library of retro/classic games they could charge for. I don't have any plans on buying a Switch, but if they were able to get, at the least, N64, SNES and NES games it would be an extremely easy sell. Being able to play all the nostalgia inducing Ninety classics on the go would make the Switch a solid buy.

DJK1NG_Gaming197d ago

Who cares... VC was a stupid thing after Wii.
Literary all people buys on during the Wii U time and mostly 3DS
Outselling the great 3DS exclusives on eShop.

Nintendo doesn't want that.

Concertoine196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

That is a crazy spin.

They were overpriced af but i enjoyed getting them with club nintendo points and occasionally buying them.

I never had to choose between a VC game and a brand new Nintendo game

DJK1NG_Gaming196d ago

Not saying everyone but if you look at the Top Seller eShop chart for each week on both system. VC games tops more than half of it.

Rippcity196d ago

Your logic makes no sense. Nintendo doesn't want to sell games so they can... sell more games? If people wanna buy retro games why not let them? It's money Nintendo is losing out on which will ultimately let them create more of the "exclusives" you people crave.

DJK1NG_Gaming196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

VC games outselling Third Parties and Indie games on Wii U and 3DS is a good thing?

There a reason why Indies are successful on Switch. No VC to compete with.

BlaqMagiq1196d ago

Having access to older games on newer tech is stupid? This is dumb logic.

DJK1NG_Gaming196d ago

I am talking about VC not Backward Compatible.

BlaqMagiq1196d ago

Umm VC is still playing older games on newer tech.

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Poli_Games196d ago

They're making a ton of money on those consoles, it sadly makes sense

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