Nintendo Unveil Celebrity Line-Up

Nintendo has today unveiled stars of music, sport and TV alongside their families as the latest celebrities to pick up their NintendoDS and wave their Wii remotes, showcasing the latest range of software only available for Nintendo's smash hit home and handheld consoles...

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Ps3Fanboy7774305d ago

I think whats its like to be a superstar!

Leathersoup4305d ago

Because Nintendo thinks that it's not what sort of games you have, but who tells you to play them.

kesvalk4305d ago

really, this women are beaultiful, but will this really make the Wii and DS sell more?

i would't buy a videogame only because a beautiful girl said it...

ChickeyCantor4305d ago

No not you!
The Females who also buy lotion products because the model on screen is using it for years!