How Shantae Pushed the Game Boy Color

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "For the next entry in our series that looks at the games that pushed their respective systems the furthest we’re going to talk about a device that doesn’t get a lot of attention when it comes to its games’ technical prowess – the Game Boy Color. The system was a bit of an oddball, releasing nine years after the original Game Boy, the Color not only added… well color but featured a more powerful process allowing for larger and more advanced games to be developed for it. This led to the GBC actually getting a pretty expansive lineup of exclusive games and support, far more than other Nintendo ‘upgrade’ systems like the DSi and New Nintendo 3DS, so much in fact that some even consider the Game Boy Color the successor to the Game Boy and not just an incremental improvement."

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DivineAssault 1420d ago

This is a charming and fun little series of games.

PhoenixUp1420d ago

“The game’s creator Matt Bozon even went on to say that Shantae was “too sexy to be a kid’s brand, and too girly for a male gamer brand” which left the game with no apparent target audience.”

That’s clearly not an issue nowadays.

Vits1420d ago

I love this franchise, being one of the best and most fun "metroidvanias" I've ever played. But, I'm not much of a fan of the first title, while it's true that it's gorgeous and it pushed the GBC boundaries to the max, it has a big problem in the size of the sprites in relation to the screen size, which makes the navigating through the stages much more difficult than it should be. Since you can't see the enemies and obstacles until they are way too close.