IGN :Resistance 2 Beta Details

IGN is giving away BETA keys for Resistance 2 .

"Want a little taste of one of the biggest titles of the next few months? Well, IGN has come over all generous and will be handing out UK and EU beta keys for Resistance 2 this coming Monday, offering a chance to sample the multiplayer side of the highly anticipated PlayStation 3 sequel.

Full details on how to access the beta will go live on Monday, but if you want a heads-up there's a simple way to jump the queue. GameSpy users who have downloaded Comrade will be notified an hour before the keys go live, virtually guaranteeing a place in the beta. "

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elshimiablo4726d ago

the game is so fun especially the co-op beta
well done Insomniac. Shooter Goty no doubt

Shaka2K64726d ago

The best weapons.
the best story line
the best graphics
the best physics
the best gameplay
the best controler
the best gaming company
the best online
the best co-op
the best bosses
The best of the best.

R2 = GOTY Shooter of 2008, Socrack-confrontation will be hot but R2 is one of a kind.

MisfitSmurf4726d ago

F*** me >.< ign gives away beta keys after my ps3 dies

TheForgotten0ne4726d ago

I feel you, I'm waiting for mine to be repaired.

And the people repairing Consoles in Norway are damn slow! They told me it could take 2 months (It's not Sony thats fixing it, it's someone else, they fix X360 aswell I belive) And I miss out on LBP, R2, I have to wait so long for the games.

So I feel you!

Raoh4726d ago

co op mode is a lot of fun..

jtmill074726d ago

Do the servers go down a lot?? I was just playing and they went down. My co op team was having the best game of the night.

XxRoosterxX4726d ago

The online split-screen coop is awesome!!!!!!!

Meus Renaissance4726d ago

Someone please help me get a BETA code. I've given up on these BETA's, I never get in

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