Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo Are Releasing Three Very Different Games This Year

A good time to own all consoles

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Aceman181794d ago

Octopath is the only game I'll be buying on switch this year was nvr a huge smash person. Spiderman is easy day one.

Sm30001794d ago

Me too, love nintendo, but smash bros I don't get the appeal either. Not knocking it! Different strokes for different folks

Michiel19891794d ago

Octopath traveler is the reason im gna buy a switch, oh wait that was the reason before smash ultimate got announced ;) Well I guess Octopath is a nice bonus for my smash machine haha.

Spiderman looks amazing as well, ill surely be picking that one up.

Michiel19891794d ago

@sm3000 I always liked smash cause it was fun killing people. I started to love smash when I got a bit more in depth with the mechanics and started to try and pull of some awesome combos. The beauty about smash is that you can play it without thinking about any mechanics and you still have a blast, but you can also go as in depth as you want and have an awesome competetive game that has no game like it.

Funny thing is that Nintendo is adapting the Blizzard moto lately. Easy to learn, hard to master. At least from the games that I played (MK8, Smash, Mario Tennis)

G3ng4r1794d ago

Getting smash for sure since cloud and snake will never be in a ps allstars game.

mochachino1794d ago

Most blatent trolling I've seen in a while.

Michiel19891794d ago

PS all start was actually a very fun game. The mistake they made in my eyes was that you could only kill with ultimates. Some chars had such bad ultimates which were easy to dodge, and that threw the whole game off imo.

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darthv721794d ago

I don't have a switch so it will be racing and web slinging for me this holiday.

Neonridr1794d ago

it's all good. I think all 3 are going to turn out to be winners. Forza looks great and I may pick it up on my PC.

The Wood1794d ago

The switch is worth a grab unless you don't like the exclusives Nintendo offer

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lociefer1795d ago

Why is there no mention of octopath traveler ? Seriously this game looks titts. I never preorder games, but i have a spiderman fetish, soooo i caved in. Can't wait to play the hell outta it

porkChop1795d ago

Octopath is this party though. It does look great though.

ClanPsi11795d ago

It doesn't only look good, it IS good. Have you downloaded the most recent demo/prologue?

lociefer1795d ago

i played the first one and was immediately sold !, only played the dancer's path, but i opted out of the second demo. what i played was too good that i need to experience if fully at release, i get that progress from the newest one carries to the full game, but dang it's too much of a tease for me to play only 3 hours.

ZaWarudo1795d ago

unpopular opinion here, but i just can't stand the glowy filter and almost binocular viiew of the game. It turns me off, which is a shame because i liked everything else.

Mr Marvel1795d ago

I played the first demo, but I’m waiting until a about a week before OT’s release to start the second (prologue) so it flows on nicely into the main game.

Nu1795d ago

For a second I thought you're avatar was a shit emojis

ClanPsi11795d ago

@Mr Marvel: Yeah, I definitely wish I had done that now. I'm at 2:55 and I REALLY want to keep playing... :(

Neonridr1794d ago

@ZaWarudo - it's definitely something that takes getting used to. But the fusion of sprites and backgrounds with depth was just too much to pass up. Don't get me wrong, games like Horizon and God of War look jaw dropping on my Pro. But it's refreshing and nice when you get these games that just change it up a little.

Your opinion is your own, so don't feel bad about sharing it.

getbacktogaming1794d ago

@Zawarudo I'm the opposite; I loooove Octopath's artstyle and even the story but it's the gameplay I am not too sure about.

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Mr Marvel1795d ago

Agreed, screw Smash, Octopath Traveller is the Switch game I want.
I’ve even pre-ordered it.

SilverDemon1795d ago

Maybe because it's not Nintendo releasing it, it's square Enix

I believe they are focusing on games that are published by the big 3

Segata1795d ago

Well, Nintendo is publishing it like Nintendo does with every Square Enix game on their system.

SilverDemon1795d ago

Weird, I thought square would publish it since they made it

Prince_TFK1794d ago

Last I heard, Square publishes it in Japan while Nintendo publishes it worldwide.

shinoff21831795d ago

Octopath looks fantastic. I buy mostly just ps4 games but this game is a must have and the reason I bought a switch( well some but I've loved mario he was my first intro to gaming on nes)

Prince_TFK1794d ago

I feel like it is the biggest sleeper hit of the year and could very well be RPG GoTY.

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Fist4achin1795d ago

Variety is the spice of life!

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wonderfulmonkeyman1795d ago

Spiderman looks great, and I'm hoping the little we've seen of it isn't all of the best of it.
There have been plenty of cases, before now, where a game preview has shown the best of it and left the rest feeling underwhelming after it released.
This is especially true with movie-based games, but it looks like this one might avoid that particular curse since, despite being a franchise with plenty of movies, this one isn't based on a current movie. [To my knowledge, at least]

Here's hoping. It'd be great to have a good web-swinger game again.

Majin-vegeta1795d ago

This spider man has no ties to.movies..its it's own story.

wonderfulmonkeyman1795d ago

Thanks for that; that means that it's most likely going to be great since it won't have to worry about the movie tie-in curse.

Neonridr1794d ago

while that is true it still falls in the same universe as Homecoming if I am not mistaken.

Jeff2571794d ago

@Neonridr It’s a sepearate universe than the MCU which is what Homecoming is part of. We will find out what specific Marvel Universe the game is part of in late Sep with Spidergeddon #0.

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plmkoh1795d ago

Haha nice stealth concern trolling.

wonderfulmonkeyman1795d ago

No trolling here. I genuinely hope it'll be great.

G3ng4r1794d ago

With skin that sensitive you should wear a suit of armor. Blind faith is for religious people and playstation is not a church.

Gameseeker_Frampt1795d ago

Nice passive-aggressive trolling there. Now back under your bridge.

wonderfulmonkeyman1795d ago

"Passive-agressive trolling"
Dude, take your own advice instead of stealing my line; I've played other Spiderman games and not all of them are fantastic.
I legitimately hope that this one will be as amazing as the previews were, so shut the hell up.

getbacktogaming1794d ago

lol don't mind people here on N4G you are getting blasted for "hoping" a game will be great while too many people believe it implies it may not be... That said the game looks sick and definitely my most anticipated of those three although this fall I think I'll be all over RDR 2 :D

monkey6021794d ago

It's not currently got any movie tie in but now that you mention it there's probably nothing stopping them making an animated feature of it in the future. Like Heavenly Sword or Ratchet & Clank. They do have the licence to do so after all, just look at the new Spiderman animation they're releasing soon

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