Bryan Dechart (Connor) and Amelia Rose Blaire (Traci) Discuss Working On Detroit: Become Human

Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blair were invited for a guest appearance on DH for a special interview to discuss Detroit: Become Human, and their past roles in video games, including Mafia 3 and Quantum Break.

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Platformgamer118d ago

real life connor makes me doubtful about my heterosexuality :O

UCForce118d ago

The guy has handsome looking and very talented. David Cage said Connor inspired by Jayden from Heavy Rain.

ClayRules2012118d ago

Lol. He’s a good looking guy. More than his looks, he’s such a fantastic actor. Definitely my favorite android in Detroit. Although I loved Kara and Markus just as much.

Bryan is such a genuine, down to earth person. Much respect for him. Same goes for Amelia.

doggo84118d ago

Connor was my favourite character.

UCForce118d ago

I really like the chase sequence with badass music ( which is called “Now”). Connor just a badass for doing it.

OpenGL118d ago

That was a great sequence

Pozzle118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

The screechy violins when he's sliding down the roof onto the train was so intense! His whole soundtrack is amazing.

OpenGL118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I felt bad for the Tracis. The actress was also in Quantum Break and the HBO series True Blood.

AK91118d ago

I knew his fiance looked familiar she was in Quantum Break.

tombfan118d ago

Oh dear... Bryan's so sexy...