Spyro the Dragon Crystal Dragon Statue

First 4 Figures just announced the preorder for their newest release which is for Spyro the Dragon Crystal Dragon Statue.There’s 3 models of the statue. The Regular Edition is just the Crystal Dragon Resin Statue in a basic form. The regular version has multiple shades of green and that’s it. The Crystal Dragon Exclusive Edition statue has a mini golden dragon. The Crystallized Edition has a translucent effect.

Both the Exclusive and Crystallized version has an LED MODE which is always on and fully animated as well as a glowing base. They also both GLOW IN THE DARK which is extremely, extremely attractive to me and definitely a selling point. I mean common now, who doesn’t like anything that glows in the dark? So 80’s, and goes so well with anything video game related.

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Relientk77114d ago

Omg I want it, but so expensive