E3 Has Lost its Focus

E3 2018 marked the second year open for public attendance. Although Improvements have been made providing a better quality of life experience for both public attendees and industry professionals, there is still a long way to go. Can the ESA make it work?

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admiralvic169d ago

I think the issue with Cyberpunk 2077 is a little misunderstood or something people don't want to admit to.

"While the public members around the theatre were civil, at least from what I had seen, the simple fact they formed a crowd around the theatre made it hard for these industry leaders to chat with peers or safety conduct business without being swarmed by adoring fans."

Not only was Cyberpunk 2077 an interesting title, it was one that had a big giveaway, one that has eBay (of which there were 39 total...) auctions going for $300+. You can compare this to other titles, such as Control, Project 1v1, The Surge 2, Dying Light 2, Zone of the Enders and many more which managed to have backdoor meetings without the line (there were likely people that tried to get in and failed, though I never encountered anyone putting forth actual effort and some of these were more than happy to take another body). Don't get me wrong, I think Cyberpunk 2077 might've got a little more attention because it was a popular title, but I'd put cash money it would've had an EXTREME decrease in attention without the swag.

I can also confirm just hanging out near the booth, since I was interested in why so many people (15+) would spend so much time waiting, I heard it often referred to as "the line to get the swag" or "this is the booth with that cool swag, right?"

In the end, I think E3 has problems, but I don't think they're fixable outside of a system like Nintendo did with Smash Bros. When people say E3, their mind jumps to the handful of really popular games (Smash, Pokemon, Spider-Man, Kingdom Hearts, Fallout, The Division, Assassin's Creed, etc) and this creates absurdly long lines. If there was more diversification, such as people checking out XSeed, NIS America, Big Ben, accessory booths and so forth, the situation might be a little better. I say might, since it's hard not to have a line problem with nearly 70,000 people and many journalists have stacks of meetings, making any line above 40 minutes and however long gameplay impossible.