Fortnite PlayStation 4 Bundle Leaked with Exclusive Royale Bomber Skin

The team over at the PlayStation Italia Facebook page appear to have announced a new bundle ahead of schedule.

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CorndogBurglar120d ago

I think people are missing the real funny part.

They are offering a bundle. A console that is bundled with an already free game...

Dirtnapstor120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

It will probably include the SP component Save the World.

G3ng4r120d ago

And a skin to make donations to a good cause that sony steals a cut of.

Ron_Danger120d ago


So where's your proof that Sony is stealing donations? Because that claim would be a federal crime. Stealing donations for gain is embezzlement:

Now if you want to dive into shady practices for a free to play game, what's your opinion of Microsoft forcing you pay to play Fortnite on Xbox? Xbox is the only device that locks Fortnite behind a pay wall.

Aenea120d ago

It does include the $/€40 costing Save the World tho...

NewMonday120d ago

If this becomes a best-seller I don't wan't to hear anymore cross-play rants.

PUBG120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Hopefully there will be a warning on the box, informing people that their Fornite accounts will be locked to the PS4.

Aceman18120d ago

Hey crossplay fanatics why don't you go complain to MS that they should allow FF14 on the system with crossplay. Oh that's right SE said M$ said no because they only wanted their gamers to play on a separate server.

SE told them nope.

Eonjay119d ago


How's that law suit going?

admiralvic119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

"I think people are missing the real funny part."

I don't know if I'd say that, since Fortnite itself is kind of funny for the same reason, at least when you think about it. Battle Royale aside, you're talking about a game that was designed to go free-to-play, but was sold, even in retail stores, as essentially an early access title (everything past the second world, at least at launch, was just reusing designs of previous areas), with all the negatives of a free-to-play game. If it wasn't for luck and Battle Royale, I wouldn't be shocked if Fortnite would've been declared a failure.

" A console that is bundled with an already free game..."

That being said, it isn't unheard of to offer paid content for a free game in a bundle. Tera, Warframe and many other free-to-play games offer special bundled versions with exclusive content, though, in this case, it's fascinating how people speculate about something the image, site and Facebook page outright detail (I know, no one actually READS the articles posted here, which is another "real funny part."). It includes a pathetic 500 V-Bucks and a unique skin. I mean, it's better than nothing, but not much more than it either.

However, I'm still happy to have the bundle. Not because it's useful, it really isn't, but because some people are so stupid it makes me wonder how they function in the world. For example, here is a recent interaction:

-gets called over there- Guy "Yes, I hoping you'd have a bundle with Fortnite." Me "We do not, but Fortnite is free." Guy "What do you mean?" Me "It's free." Guy "Yes, but what does this mean?" Me "It doesn't cost money?" Guy "So, I don't need to buy it?" Me "No. It's free." Guy "As in, I don't need to purchase a disc?" Me "Yes. That is what free means." -walks away- Guy "But I still don't know what you mean by free!"

KillBill119d ago

Everyone commenting on 'Save the World'... come on people you could make that part free and people wouldn't care. Fortnite is all about the FREE Battle Royal... anything else is... meh.

butchertroll119d ago

Save The World isn't free. It cost 40$

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Godmars290120d ago

Fat lot of good that would do them. In a sane world.

In ours? it'll like sell well enough to convince them to keep doing what they're doing.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod120d ago

LOL what? It's hliarious watching Nintendo and MS fans act like Cross play is some huge deal..out side of hardcore gamers no one cares. Ps4 more expensive keeps easily outsellling xbox. Games are more important. Keep doing what they are doing...investing in studios who make great games for their fanbase.

SarkyPlays120d ago

Nobody cares? Greg Miller (a well known self confessed Playstation fanboy has even called Sony out for this) nd there’s PLENTY of gamers I’ve seen on twitter and other forums calling them out, it seems it’s a bigger issue than some are trying to downplay it to be

bluefox755120d ago

It's a non-issue, and this is reflected in the fact that it's had zero effect on sales. MS isn't closing the gap now that they are in favor of something they used to be against, because it benefits them far more than it would Sony. I don't know anyone outside of N4G that cares about crossplay.

Lovable120d ago

I love how people kept on bringing Greg Miller as if he is their All god father. No one cares about cross play. DEAL WITH IT!

Uken12120d ago

Don't be dumb, play a PC gamer on FN with your PS4. You get romped. Fortnite is much better on PC. PS4 delusion is real. All the pros play on PC.

Crossplay is important, people have wanted it for a long time. Sony is behind on this one.

Software_Lover120d ago

My sons want to play with each other and they are far from hardcore. They are 10 and 12. One plays on PS4 and the other plays on XB1X.

I have never said anything about Crossplay in my home as I don't play multiplayer games for the most part, but they are always asking why they can't play with each other "it's just the internet".

Unreal01120d ago

Oh of course Software Lover thinks it's a big deal, he's so pro Xbox it's ridiculous 😂

The only people who think crossplay is such a big deal are Microsoft fans and randomers on the internet. In the real world, no one actually gives a damn.

neutralgamer1992120d ago (Edited 120d ago )


the same fat greg miller who didn't have his friends back and went after corporate money more than standing by his friend(Colin) yeah no we don't want him associated with ps brand. he doesn't represent us and he use to be with PS under ign now he covers all platforms

point stands cross play isn't important
backwards compatibility isn't important
game pass isn't important
ea access isn't important

exclusives games are important
they sell systems

don't believe me look at sea of thieves, PUBG, and SOD2 all selling so well on xbox one that tells us xbox fans are desperate for games because they are buying broken/unfinished and games with glitches in high numbers

Cross play is offered on PS4 with PC, ps4 has more cross play titles than xbox one and switch combined, and ps4 lets you play F2P games without requiring psn. But since E3 MS seems to have paid a lot of people money to talk bad about ps4


the only one delusional here is you it seems since ps4 does offer cross play with PC

sony has a bad history with ms,nintendo that's why we won't see cross play with them

nintendo backed out of billion dollar deal with sony and embarrassed them at E3 by going with their competition and MS executives are on record saying bill gates wanted xbox to run PS out of business yet some of you think sony will jump in

KickSpinFilter120d ago

Again...the issue is not about crossplay. It's about locking your progression into PS4. Ideally your game save should be able to move from PS4 to Switch to PC and back again. As far as MT's go I think it's fair to have those locked to a certain device. (So your "jacket will not play on Switch for instance if bought on PS4)

Hardiman120d ago

It is silly because if crossplay is such an issue for Sony then why pray tell is the PS4 selling so much better than Xbox One? It looks to me it's more of an issue for M$ and less so for Sony!

Also Epic can't be too upset because now we have a Fortnite bundle as well!

343_Guilty_Spark120d ago

Do your knee pads have a Sony logo on them?

ILostMyMind120d ago

For them it is. Who else are they going to play with?

arkard120d ago

@sarky those are mostly trolls who have nothing to play on their own console so they latch onto the latest "controversy" and pose as Sony fans dissapointed in their policy

Mikechester120d ago

Sad to know that ps4 fans like you are mentally braindead and the 49+ n4g users have liked your retarded comment.

MattE119d ago


How do you know it hasn't affected sales? It's only just started to get headlines

This is the problem with this generation of gamers, spout sh*t out without any thought or common sense just to be part of the winning team

tontontam0119d ago

MS and Nintendo are advertising to bury the fact that you could play fortnite batle royale on ps4 without subscribing to ps plus.

soon nintendo will also be charging for online play.

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2pacalypsenow120d ago

Whatever Sony is doing, seems to be working.

MuddyWaters120d ago

Same with Electronic Arts too and Ubisoft and Activision. After all you guys seem to think all that matters is sales.

UCForce119d ago

@MuddyWaters I’m pretty sure MS and Nintendo care about sales as well.

2pacalypsenow119d ago (Edited 119d ago )


Sony has the sales and the games.

What else is there for a console? Sony wins and the gamers win.

Only ones loosing are people who don’t have a PlayStation.

And if you think MS and Nintendo don’t care about sales, I got news for you.

MuddyWaters119d ago

You guys complain about how Electronic Arts does business and since sales is all that matters then you should stop complaining, It's the same defense force mechanism you guys display about crossplay. So if one argument is that's just business then please try and be consistent about it.

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Rude-ro120d ago

The game will take a hit soon anyways and most likely due to crossplay.
The nerfs going into the game are to try and close the skill gap due to players getting pub stomped by pc players.
Building is getting nerfed and shotguns have been nerfed...
They are slowly taking away the fun of the game. Streamers across the board are getting frustrated.., lose them, lose the larger base market.

Z501120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

"The game will take a hit soon"

No it won't. It's not even officially released yet. Watch what happens when Save the World goes F2P and people can start farming V-Bucks.

Goldby120d ago


this is epic we are talkign about. they shut down a game that wasnt even fully released becuase they were losoing community due to nerfs and changes they made that the community is against. if this is happening agian with this, it will happen just as it did with Paragon.

being in early access dont save it from being shut down. and when save the world (which is rarely supported) does become free to play for everyone, they are gonna nerf Vbucks as well, into the ground. would be shocked if it went down into the single or double digits for vbuck farming. 50 max i could see

Rude-ro120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I’m not saying it negatively for any reason except for that is the current situation.
You can farm all the v-bucks you want, but if the game keeps nerfing the skill gap, players will leave.
A lot of the player base is from destiny.. and we saw what happens to a game if they nerf skill gaps. Streamers leave and the horde follows.
Thankfully they update rather quickly, so if said nerf fails, they will pull it I would think.

DialgaMarine120d ago

It’ll sell very well, regardless of how bad some people want it to. This whole cross play debate has been on for quite some time now, yet PS4 continues to be the market leader and the console of choice for third party games by the majority of console users. Clearly this whole thing is far more overblown than many claim.

Funny how all these fanboys and media outlets continue to ignore the fact that cross play/ cross progression works fine between PS4 and PC. At the end of the day, Sony doesn’t have a cross play problem; they’ve been doing it with PC since the PS2 era. They have “not wanting to give in to MS and their whiney fanboy temper tantrum demands” problem. I say, keep it up. Xbox fanboys always talk so much crap about PSN and their users, but then cry when they can’t play with us because their precious XBL is drying up. Enjoy the desert, shills.

Also, Gangsta and Septic, stop dodging the fact that MS does the same exact thing to Steam users, yet you refuse to say a word while you continue to call Sony “anti-consumer. Guys like you aren’t pro-consumer; you’re just Pro-MS.

RauLeCreuset120d ago

Why do people act like they're new to this concept of how consoles make money? Consoles make money by establishing a customer base that buys within their ecosystem. Sony has the larger share of customers among consoles. They don't want to share their customers with their competitors, because they have more to lose than to gain from their competitors' smaller customer bases. MS isn't even pooling all of their customers, because F2P is locked behind a paywall.

Kokyu120d ago

No its not. Any F2P game is free to play with out PS+

Goldby120d ago


hes talking about xbox, you need gold to play onlione no matter if its a free to play game or not

RauLeCreuset120d ago


Yes. Thank you.


I was unable to flesh out my point as well as I wanted. Think of cross-pay/cross-progression as a form of pooling customers. MS is not offering up all of their Xbox Live subscribers in that arrangement, only the Xbox Live Gold subs, because F2P is locked behind the Gold paywall.

Sony doesn't lock F2P behind a paywall. They would be making available all PSN subs, and they already outnumbered Live subs without Xbox limiting the number of their Live subs being shared to Gold subs.

That's a bad arrangement for Sony. Consoles rely on people making purchases within their ecosystems. The odds are far greater that a PS4 player would migrate to a competitor console and spend money in that competitor's ecosystem (through the purchase of F2P add-ons) than a customer from one of their competitor consoles migrating to spend money in the PS4 ecosystem.

DialgaMarine120d ago

It’s just your usual corporate shilling bro. MS could come out tomorrow and say “Nevermind, we’re no longer interested in cross play anymore”, and guaranteed 95% of these “pro-consumers” will respond with “well, we didn’t really want it anyways”.

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-volt-120d ago

Cool I can't wait to see it when I cross play with someone.

Rude-ro120d ago

You can cross play...
You can not carry your account around. You know, like most other games available.

2pacalypsenow120d ago

I cant carry my BF1 account from the PS4 and play it on my Xbox tho..

I couldn't carry my COD account and stats from the 360 to my Ps4 tho..

Ron_Danger120d ago


This is reminding me of when Rock Band 4 launched this gen and so many Xbox users switched to PS4 and lost all of the dlc songs they purchased in the MS store. They complained on the Harmonix forums for about a month, then they got over it and it was back to business as usual.

The 10th Rider120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

...But the different between Fortnite and most other games is that Fortnite DOES allow you to carry it between some platforms. With BF, CoD, and countless other games your progress doesn't transfer between any consoles. With Fortnite it transfers between some consoles and there's only one company blocking it from transferring between all consoles. I don't see how that's so hard to understand. How can anyone look at that and defend it?

Rude-ro120d ago

@the 10th
That’s the point.. why is it such a huge deal being it is a first step in the process?
The issue is opening up your system and Sony is very picky about it for very clear and good reasons.
The overall attack is a publicity stunt from other businesses in the market.
The ordeal is not huge because it is not common practice by anyone else.
In fact, Microsoft’s play anywhere is far worse with consumers because you HAVE to buy the Xbox version to play “anywhere” on pc even if you own the game already on pc. See pubg.
This is fine and was of no issue to anyone, but when a game finally offers it, it is the worst thing a company can do when what they are doing has been what 98% of what all consoles still do.

Unreal01120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

10th Rider

"How can anyone look at that and defend it?"

Because no one actually gives a damn, apart from you Xbox guys.

The 10th Rider120d ago (Edited 120d ago )


If the issue is about opening up their system, why do they allow it with PC and mobile? Both of those are more open to security flaws than other consoles are.

It is absolutely a big issue. There's literally a company that wants to let you share your progress for a game across all consoles, and only one console maker is blocking it. It doesn't matter if it's not common practice, it would be better for gamers if it became common practice.

Even on the largest PS4 community on the internet, the PS4 subreddit, one of the top posts during E3 week was asking Sony to let people share their Fortnite progress with other consoles. It got as much as attention as anything Sony showed off during E3, so it is absolutely a huge issue for not just Xbox and Switch gamers, but Sony gamers as well.

Around here you guys just try to donwplay the issue and point fingers elsewhere or bring up other things to try put the attention on a different company. It's just sad and pathetic.

EDIT: @Unreal01,

See the third paragraph. Obviously people care about it otherwise it wouldn't be an issue, lol. It's one of the top posts of the month on the Fortnite Subreddit. It is the third highest upvoted post of ALL TIME on the PS4 subreddit, with 10,000 more upvotes than the gameplay of The Last of Us 2 from E3. That's a community of almost 1,000,000 people. Also, I don't own an Xbox at all. I care about it because it would be awesome to be able to transfer data between all consoles and one company is blocking a developer from implementing that.

spartan112g120d ago

Now that it’s been done, the flood gates are opened. Just like how the iPhone opened the floodgates for touch screen phones consumers are now asking, “well, why not?” You’re all using examples that are no longer relevant since they were pre-crossplay/cross-progressio n. What has been seen cannot be unseen now that Nintendo and Microsoft have shown it’s possible. Also, I platted God of War and Horizon, so don’t @ me about being a fanboy.

RauLeCreuset120d ago

@The 10th Ridet

"...But the different between Fortnite and most other games is that Fortnite DOES allow you to carry it between some platforms."

It obviously doesn't allow it between PS4 and competiting consoles. That's the point you don't seem to get. Sony has exercised their right not to allow it the same as Sony and competing consoles have historically exercised that right and continue to exercise that right with other games. Do you also get outraged when PSN or XBL have a multiplatform game on sale that the other online store doesn't?

The 10th Rider120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

"Sony has exercised their right not to allow it"

That's exactly the point. They have exercised their right to not let block Epic from letting your save data transfer between platforms, even though the system is already in place. They should be encouraged to change their stance on that because it's anti-consumer. Microsoft changed their stance on a lot of things following backlash from the Xbox One reveal. EA changed their stance on season passes and loot boxes. Suddenly when it comes to Sony everyone on this site is okay with anti-consumer policies. As I pointed out previously, on the biggest PS4 community on the internet it is the third highest upvoted post of all time, ahead of anything that Sony showed at E3.

". . . competing consoles have historically exercised that right and continue to exercise that right with other games."

I'd love to know when such a feature was already implemented and ready to go, but was blocked by another console manufacturer.

"Do you also get outraged when PSN or XBL have a multiplatform game on sale that the other online store doesn't?"

What does that even have to do with the situation? It's not even remotely the same thing, lol.

RauLeCreuset120d ago


"The system" has always been in place. This isn't an issue of technology. It's an issue of permission. Of course Ninty and MS want to give theirs in their position. They stand to gain an influx of customers spending money in their stores while shoring up their online communities. Stripped of this ridiculous notion that Epic has enabled something heretofore not possible, your argument amounts to little more than saying Sony should do something just because their competitors did. That's why I teased you about getting mad at one system when the other has a sale.

The 10th Rider119d ago

It's not that it previously wasn't possible, it's that no company has done such a thing in the past. You have yet to provide an example where such a thing was in place previously and another console-maker denied it. You can't because it hasn't happened in the past. Now there is a company that has implemented such a feature and there is one console manufacturer that is denying it. It's well within their rights to do so, but it would be better for gamers as a whole if they allowed it.

"Your argument amounts to little more than saying Sony should do something just because their competitors did."

Funny you say that and ignore that I literally said "It would be better for gamers if it became common practice." As I already pointed out, and you conveniently ignored, it got more attention on the largest PS4 community on the internet than *anything* that Sony showed at E3. It's clearly an issue that PS4 gamers care about on top of gamers on other consoles.

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Ron_Danger120d ago

PS4 can still cross play with PC, Mac, IOS, and android:

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corroios120d ago

The New way to try and attack Sony, lol. Cross play Accounts. Go make more ads...