Minecraft Cross-Play Trailer - Nintendo Switch

The new version of Minecraft is out on Nintendo Switch! Play with friends on Xbox One, Windows 10 or Mobile.

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Doge1195d ago

2018 is a very surreal year huh?

Deep-throat1195d ago

I like this trailer... even though I don't like Minecraft at all.

I_am_Batman1195d ago

Same here.I enjoyed the trailer.even though I don't care for Crossplay or Minecraft personally.

Uneasy Alliance. Your move Sony.

sampsonon1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

@I_am_Batman: that's the beauty when you're king, you don't have to move.
they already have cross platform with pc and i don't blame them for not wanting to lower themselves to the competition.

you want to join your friends in a game? then buy a ps4 or play using your ps4.... they owe you nothing.

business 101.

I_am_Batman1195d ago

@sampsonon: I don't like the King analogy here. They're still in competition with Nintendo and Microsoft even though they are by far the market leader. I'm not going to pretend like I'm a business expert but I'd think that ignoring your competition and letting them gain ground in any way would be a bad business strategy for keeping the majority of the market share in the long run.

StormSnooper1195d ago

Pretty sure if you want to play with friends PS4 is the way to go anyway. Think about it. Where are there more players? PS4

4Sh0w1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Nice trailer, though I dont in particular care about Minecraft still, I will tell you this; no matter how wrong sony is sonyfanboys(fanboys not fans) will defend sony to the death, no coincidence it always the same ones who are the most vocal about anything remotely anti-consumer on Microsofts part like at the start of this gen.

Me I feel perfectly comfortable calling out any company including Microsoft for a lack of exclusives, dissapointments with Crackdown3, after poor E3 shows, misleading statements, etc because= thats how these companys improve. Fanboys dont care about that, they just want to "win" whatever, but once again in the long run they only hold back the company they admire so much.

Haki11121194d ago

@StormSnooper pretty sure there's gonna be more players on the switch, PC and xbox all together.

getbacktogaming1194d ago

@4Sh0w I consider myself a Sony "fanboy" and I disagree of them blocking crossplay. Why does being a fanboy always sound like a bad thing? I can support my favorite company this generation without doing so blindly...

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Aceman181195d ago

Meh I don't care personally

timotim1195d ago

Just enough to read the headline then watch the trailer, only to comment how much you don't care....

Aceman181195d ago

Yes timmy I watched and still don't care, why does it bother you so lol

UltraNova1194d ago

I dont care either. Timmy are you offended that I don't care too?

hench071195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Joint ad by MS and Nintendo....thats definitely never happened before

Major burn to Sony.

SuperSonic911195d ago

Minecraft is owned by MS thos basically an MS ad against Sony.
Nothing new really. Its business as usual.

81BX1195d ago

This may lead to other joint ventures.

ShottyatLaw1195d ago

Great to see this finally starting to become real.

ILive1195d ago

I don't even know why this is a big deal. There are more things going on in the world than some stupid cross play. Honestly what you should be worried about are games being provided for your platform of choice. This is all non sensical. And if this is what Microsoft wants to use to divert attention away from the fact that they literally only have one more exclusive coming out this year then shame on them.

Prince_TFK1194d ago

“There are more things going on in the world than some stupid cross play. ”

Yeah we gamera should be worrying about how to end the world’s hunger or finding cure to cancer instead of playing games with friends.

UltraNova1194d ago


Did you not play with your friends before MS started taking jabs at Sony on cross play? Or is cross play the only viable way of MP gaming all of a sudden?

Or did your friends jumped ship to the ps4 and you are left behind bitter and alone?

Prince_TFK1194d ago


Well, sorry to disappoint you but I own all three platforms. Hit me up on [email protected] ID: ADR_GanG.

I am not a fanboy of any console like people here on N4G and I believe the more people can play together the better, especially for some who could only afford one console. But what do I know, right?

Aceman181195d ago

I have a simple question to ask. If M$ is so big on for the gamers all of a sudden can someone explain to me why FF14 isn't in xbox right now and crossplay with PS4 and PC?

SE did ask for it, and still no FF14 for the xbox, makes you wonder huh?

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Kribwalker1195d ago

“Better Together”

Couldn’t agree more. With Rocket League, Fortnite Minecraft and others, Crossplay is the way of the future and I can’t wait until more games start doing it. Amazing time to be a gamer.

stupidusername1195d ago

Can’t understand why people would disagree. Anyone care to explain?

Gh05t1195d ago

Tribalism and Bigotry.

Rippcity1195d ago

Butthurt Sony fanboys. You'll hear things like "Sony doesn't need cross play they are the industry leader right now" and "This would only help the competition why would Sony want to do that". Console war trash. Cross play is for everyone, not just people on Xbox, Switch and PC. I'd love to be able to play Rocket League with my brother but I'm marooned on PS4 while he is on Xbox.

Ricegum1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Because Kribwalker jumps on everything remotely negative about Sony. The sad truth is that there isn't much going for Xbox One so people like Krib try to promote the importance of something like crossplay.

According to them apparently it's some sort of game changer, but it's really not 😂

And just to add, don't Microsoft own Minecraft? Cross play was probably part of the deal to bring it to Switch so people will still play the Windows edition.

zypher1195d ago

"Anyone care to explain?"

Sure. They're too busy being stuck on fanboying.

UltraNova1194d ago


Since when do you love ps4 gamers, hell anything PS for that matter so much?

aaronaton1194d ago

Crossplay for me is almost like socialism. I much prefer the capitalistic approach of exclusivity and the lure of owning one particular console over another. It's the only way the big 3 (Sony, Nintendo and PC) will keep progressing with better and better games as they want more of the market share.

VariantAEC1193d ago

With specific regards to Mineccraft? Sure. MS is artificially upping its Million Active Users using MC as a trojan horse. Also Steam users who own MC are left in the cold being forced to buy the Windows 10 version no freebies... Unless MS is trying to cozy up - make no mistake that's what they're doing to Nintendo right now.

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letsa_go1195d ago

You guys used to talk about how bad PSN is (you probably still do), yet you are desperately wanting to connect to it. Hmmmmmm

81BX1195d ago

That's a childs argument. Well played

Kaiou1194d ago

Don't give a rat ass about the quality of psn , it's about connecting the players.

DrakeFan11195d ago

I hate to say this as a huge Playstation supporter but the way Sony is blocking crossplay with other consoles, this might force me to finally get a Xbox One or Xbox One X to supplement my Nintento Switch for current and future crossplay titles. There is no way on 'God's Green Earth' that people can defend this unethical practice by a company. I really hope Sony will change their stance on crossplay with other consoles as this is definitely not for the players.

-Foxtrot1195d ago

I wouldn't say people are defending it to its core, people would like it, the issue is after everything Sony has done since they turned things around with the PS3, being that one company in the big 3 who seems to "get it" with it's constant first party support and the like, they f*** up on something like this and suddenly it wipes away EVERYTHING they've done, like the scales have just went completely the other way. I mean sure there's been other things along the way which are questionable, no one is saying they are perfect unless you are a blind fanboy but this can't be made out to outweigh everything good they've done. It's not a feature which is going to kill us neither is it something people were every bothered that much, like when Sony tried to do it last gen the outrage wasn't as bad, so I don't understand why it's now people suddenly thing it's "the future".

So the whole "oh so much for this is for the players" argument is a little silly considering the good still outweighs the bad I'm not defending it but I don't think we're at a stage YET where that slogan is coming across completely hypocritical. If their E3 show, despite the awful intermission, had no first party games and they seemed like they didn't give a shit about games then fair enough but they are still putting time into these experiences. If someone said to me "For this month you can have cross play on your PS4 with a range of titles OR you can play on Last of Us 2, Spiderman, Days Gone and Ghosts of Tsushima" I'd choose the latter.

hit173881195d ago

I for one don't really care about cross platform play. Not in one bit. Playstation can keep doing cross with pc on fighting games and mmo and I'm fine with that.

MuddyWaters1194d ago

You act like The Last of Us 2, Days Gone and all those other games would not exist if Sony wasn't such a bully. To think they have that much fear by going crossplay with consoles they would all of the sudden stop being the leader in sales.

Nobody can defend their decision and those that do they do it out of tribalism.

This commercial is exactly the information that needs to get out there. It is about having fun, games are about having fun. Share together, play together. It's almost like an ad for a Media Molecule game which is so bloody funny to think the position Sony is taking about this.

bluefox7551195d ago

Unethical? Why should they share their player base? What makes you so entitled? Should they also share their exclusives? Grow up.

gamer78041195d ago

Yah its not unethical at all. is it "for the players" definitely not, which is Sonys prerogative, even if it's biting the hand that feeds them. well Sonys still releasing peter fondas movie, so much for their stance on safety of children....

yeahokwhatever1195d ago

"biting the hand that feeds them" No. XBOX and Nintendo players aren't feeding them. The only thing they have to offer is potential security breaches.

Prince_TFK1194d ago

If you look at it from the other side you would see that Sony would also get player base from Xbox, Nintendo, and PC combine with is much more than the current PS4’s install base.

Its not about sharing player base. Its about allowing people to play together, which MS and Nintendo do it flawlessly together.

G3ng4r1194d ago

@bluefox755 Unethical is one word that can be used, kind of like sony taking a cut out of overwatch breast cancer skin donations. #4themoney
You think you're so special that peasants without ps4's don't deserve to play with you? The only real disadvantage to you or sony is the stick placement on your dualshock.
What makes sony entitled to anyone's epic account?
Lastly no, keep your emo games.

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gamer78041195d ago

Buy a ps4 for its exclusives. Buy everything else on switch and Xbox.

BLAKHOODe1195d ago

That's the way I'm leaning after being a PS supporter since mid-PS3 cycle when Microsoft began letting it's success go-to it's head. Now Sony is letting it's success go-to it's head, while Microsoft has been humbled. And eventually, Microsoft will get the big head again and the cycle continues.

stupidusername1195d ago


I’ve been thinking about this theory aswell. Though it’s hard to see microsoft recover. But I guess if Sony screams «for the players» while their actions keep on doing the opposite, and microsoft start getting their s**t together, then I guess it’s possible.

rivaldoo7771195d ago

That's how hardcore gamers actually enjoy games. But the casuals usally buy the game with the bigger install base. If MS doesn't end up getting good games with their newly acquired studios, they will continue to be the underdog next generation as well. Im not talking ND or SSM level , but at least GG tier games from MS.

yeahokwhatever1195d ago

*if you like the worst versions of everything

Kribwalker1195d ago


I was unaware the scorpio was outputting the worst version of everything. Man, i’m so confused now

Goldby1195d ago

i wasnt aware everyone who owned an og xbox upgraded to the one X.

you'd think that Ms would ahve announced that. 40 million xbox one x purchased within 8 months of release.
that has to be a record.... or your basing an entire community off of a selct few who own the console.

but then again. Ms is doign the same thing with the slogan plays best on xbox one.

didnt realise 900p was the best way to play games, i guess the one x was a waste with its useless 4k

Manofgodalways1195d ago

That's what I do.After I finish my 2nd play through of God Of War It will sit here doing nothing until Spiderman comes out.Everything else I play on my X and Switch.

Kribwalker1194d ago


I’m not the one that made a incorrect blanket statement that playing games on the switch or xbox would give you the worst version was I?

Because if you played it on the onex, it would be the best console version 😉

Prince_TFK1194d ago

So you mean the Switch and X1 have no exclusives?

yeahokwhatever1194d ago

Hey Krib, anything the XBOX can play, the PC can also play, but better. So yes. The worst possible version = XBOX.

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darthv721195d ago

If Trump can change his policy on immigrant detention and separation due to public pressure then perhaps Sony can change as well. then again... I don't think Sony has ever changed due to public pressure, unless you count the PS3 and its high price point at the start. Oh and the DRM on their music.

gamer78041195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Trump didn't change his policy it it was the 9th circuit court under Obama that ruled originally for this law. Just fyi so the comparison isn't accurate.

darthv721195d ago

Okay... "the policy" instead of "his policy"

Tetsujin1195d ago

@ Drake

No love lost if you switch consoles. I don't defend Sony on this because I do agree playing across platforms would be a nice addition, however I'm not going to switch platforms just because a few games aren't allowed cross play while other games are.

The other issue is people scream for cross play, yet it's always the same games debated. If I was the majority, I'd question why games like FF14 isn't on Xbox (or Switch), but the complaints are games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Rocket League.

Before people start coming with pitchforks and negative comments, ask why you want cross play before screaming the need for it. The fact the majority want it, means the platform of their choice lacks the player base needed to keep things fresh and different.

Cohagen4201195d ago

Yup, you're gonna shell out extra money to play against random ppl when you're doing that already, just fantastic reasoning.

Goldby1195d ago

better suggestion is wait for them to reveal cross play between all come next gen.

why waste 300$ for a few games that are cross play when you could just buy them on the console you ahve and enjoy playing the game with players of that cnosole... you know, like you have done for 5 years

gamer78041194d ago

because to some a couple hundred dollars more is not a waste to play the games as best you can on console.

leoms1194d ago

where were you when xbox said no to Sony last gen?

gamer78041194d ago

crossplay wasn't as big of a thing last gen, but I was mostly playing FFXI which had crossplay between xbox360 and ps3 and pc yah.

aaronaton1194d ago

So when people buy music on iTunes, do they expect the songs to port over to android if they switch phones??

VariantAEC1193d ago

Really? I don't see that happening for most people.
Cross play was never a huge deal when Sony and Square were the only publisher doing it for over 15 years! And slowly other publishers jumped on board Sony with Steam on PC/Mac and then iOS and Android...
But since 2016 this has become gaming's biggest issue all the sudden.
Quit your fake outrage I see right through it and I'm not alone.

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masterfox1195d ago

haha pathetic Nintendo and MS still trying to monetize using the crossplay nonsense against Sony, wuahahaha not sure if everybody sees the whole picture here XD, MS and Nintendo you are in a far 2nd and third place deal with it, instead of using cheap competitors tactics how about you create some interesting games to play ?, cause you both are failing hard on that department. :D

Kribwalker1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Crossplay isn’t gonna die and people are gonna keep talking about it as more and more games come Xbox/Switch crossplay. I would put this as a higher quality “how to share your game” video.

with that said state of decay 2 was the best selling game last month and has quite a following, 3 nintendo exclusives were in the top 10, Smash Bros and FH4 are out this fall along with a plethora of 3rd party games. I’d say they are coming together at the right time

masterfox1195d ago

The hypocrisy is very big isn't it ? , I mean why Nintendo and MS team up now ?, why now ?, both these companies just want to monetize against Sony with this non existent minority issue, in the end MS and Nintendo can do whatever they want, what it matters here are the games! awesome game experiences, these are the fundaments of this gaming industry and Sony is just doing that evolving our single player experiences to another level and Not because this re#%$rded cross play nonsense, Nintendo and MS can keep begging for money with average gaming offerings and dumb team ups while Sony will just keep creating stunning games for the consumers ;)

Also you mention Smash and FH4....yay ? more of the freaking same so exciting right ?, state of decay 2? not even going to bother, in the end not only is freaking more of the same but you also need to wait months for it for FH and Smashy, oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯