From Software On Why Dark Souls, Bloodborne, And Sekiro Don't Have Difficulty Options

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and more From Software games don't have difficulty levels, despite their high level of challenge--here's why.

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Nacho_Z1743d ago

It does make sense. Playing and conquering a From game is an experience from start to finish and having easier (or more difficult) settings would dilute that. It's good that you can talk about Ornstein and Smough and instantly everyone knows exactly what you mean because you all shared it.

Skull5211743d ago

They aren’t that bad if you can brave through the 10-12 hour learning curve.

Timesplitter141742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

To me, adding difficulty selection to these types of games feels like building an elevator to the top of Mt Everest with a little gift shop too. It feels like ruining something sacred, and just knowing that that elevator is there would lessen the experience even for real climbers

Knowing that there is only one way to the top and there are no possible easier alternatives is something that makes it feel so much more special

Plus, difficulty helps build a sentiment of solidarity across the entire community. The DS community is one of the best out there and I believe the game's difficulty is largely responsible for that

jerethdagryphon1742d ago

Am i the only one who never found that boss hard

iDadio1742d ago

Nah I did it first time on NG and NG+ on the remaster BUT I was a mage this time around, I don't think I had it as easy with Melee on vanilla

jerethdagryphon1742d ago

I coop for that boss for ages ended up with 99 medals from it

Baza1742d ago

I’m surprised Activision isn’t making them tone down difficulty for Sekiro.

Smokehouse1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Activision is probably involved in process as much as Bandai Namco or Sony is with the soulsborne games. Sony owns the IP but I doubt they get in their way. I would guess it’s more for international manufacturing and advertising help rather than development supervision. Or a side deal that came with the rights to tenchu.

Bleucrunch1742d ago

I am still disappointed that From is working with Activision...those folks are scum in the gaming world. I do not expect much from this game because Activision has its name on it.

uth111742d ago

i don't tbink the games would be that interesting with an easy mode.

i also don't think they are as hard as people claim. i mean if I can finish them, anyone can

iDadio1742d ago

Your first run through on new game IS the easy mode, NG+ is where it starts to get dicey

yomfweeee1742d ago

It is their choice, but I don't buy the argument.

Some people are good at playing games, but some aren't. Easy mode for one person could be the same experience as hard mode for a great player. Each could get the same enjoyment from the game.

Timesplitter141742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

You make it sound as though you think the people who enjoy Dark Souls only enjoy it because they can get through it relatively easily, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Absolute soul-crushing difficulty is the GOAL of the dark souls experience; it's not some kind of barrier for the player's enjoyment of it. Difficulty is what you should be seeking out of this game, regardless of your abilities. If you're too good at dark souls, you're basically missing out.

DS is all about feeling what it's like to face insurmountable odds and to be killed thousands of times, but never giving up. It's not about doing that with ease. If you'd remove the "punishing" aspect from it, you'd remove what makes it special and you'd be missing out on one of the greatest gaming experiences of all time

yomfweeee1742d ago

No I didn't make it sound like that. I never said the game should be easy. But you may need to make it easier for certain players (but it will still be difficult to them).

I guess you missed my point. I agree with what you say the goal of the game is... Soul-crushing difficulty.

If person A is a life-long gamer who excels at games. The game will still be difficult for them and enjoyable as is.

If person B is a casual gamer and isn't very good at them. That person may find the game impossible. It won't be enjoyable if they can't progress at all. They may need a little help. What's the harm? Who are we to say how they should enjoy the game?

BlaqMagiq11742d ago

The whole point of their games is to learn and get better. Most players that love the Souls games used to whine and complain saying it's too hard, but now they power through these games because they understand its structure. Even the most hardcore gamers had to learn this truth. Shu Yoshida used to hate Demon's Souls, now he loves the entire Souls series.

yomfweeee1742d ago

I'll keep repeating myself if you all keep repeating that same argument. I understand the whole point of the game is for it to be challenging and for you to fail as you continue to learn and get better.

My point is that some people just may not be good at games? It may be too hard for them and they'll never be good enough.

Again that is the developer's choice. But I think they should be open to how some people can enjoy games.
As I get older and have less and less time to play games and my kids are hogging my system.... I always take the easiest route in games so I can get through them fastest. I still enjoy it.

BlaqMagiq11741d ago

Going by your point, these games are simply not for them. These are for people that are willing to put in the effort to complete their games. That is why a different variety of games exist. If you want games that will give you the easiest route and complete them fast, those exist too. Just not from From Software. That's just not how they do things.

on_line_forever1742d ago

" We don't want to include a difficulty selection because we want to bring everyone to the same level of discussion and the same level of enjoyment," Miyazaki said. "So we want everyone … to first face that challenge and to overcome it in some way that suits them as a player."

iam totally agree with him

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