Red Dead Redemption 2 Publisher Defends Single-Player Games

IGN: "Not only does he value single-player modes, but he thinks they can motivate players to try multiplayer modes."

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-Foxtrot123d ago

LOL...what a cheek

If you love it so much why the hell did you abandon the single player DLC for GTAV? You know after the epic GTAIV ones and the Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption? OH YEAH...GTA Online and the money it brought in while you milked Shark Cards.

JackBNimble121d ago

I spent more money in GTA IV dlc then I did with all GTA V "free updates"
Ya, shark cards are absolutely not necessary and I personally have never needed to buy them ever.

MorpheusX121d ago (Edited 121d ago )


😂..was gonna say the same thing.

I agree.

Can u believe these people? smh

Your "defending " Single Player" after abandoning Single Player with GTA V?

Not even "1" Single Player DLC for GTA V, but your "defending" single player?

The thinking is dead wrong, I'm a gaming hobbyist, & never once have I EVER been inspired to try a multiplayer game because I played a single player game.

Not once, ..& especially nowadays, when I know @ every turn The Interactive Entertainment Industry is "constantly" looking for opportunities to push Multiplayer, GAAS, DLC, Microtransactions, Loot Boxes, Always-Online, & Episodic Gaming @ the game consumer as the defacto, default, core aspect of gaming instead of single player games.

I don't even care much for mulitplayer, never have in all these years, I like single Player games.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to face obstacle's that GTA V didn't.

Gamers are aware, expect this game to be like GTA V, with an online/mulitplayer focus, no matter what is said to the contrary by the Media or Rockstar/Take2.

I expect to see more Media spin articles, quotes, interviews from Rockstar/Take2 as damage control, attempts to ensure gamers they will have a complete single player experience with RD2.

Problem is this:

GTA V had a "complete" single player experience, but content produced for GTA V after release was ALL GEARED TOWARDS multiplayer/Online....& u made alot of $$$ due to your greed.

Even if you say your going to produce single player content(DLC) for RD2 after release, why should I believe u? or that it's going to be any good or worth what your going to charge for it?

Why should i trust that Rockstar is going to produce " high quality " single player DLC? moreso than the mulitplayer experience your inevitably going to produce for RD2?

You completely IGNORED your core single player fans with GTA V, completely.

Why should I trust you now?

I'm not going to, you ruined your reputation, & it's your fault Rockstar/Take2.

PhoenixUp122d ago

Despite the fact that Grand Theft Auto Online discouraged them from making their promised single player DLC for the game, or any other new games since 2013 for that matter.

XiNatsuDragnel122d ago

I love the dude who basically gave only multiplayer DLC like SP Is a necessities

GamesMaster1982122d ago

I think this guy is full of it.

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