Detroit: Become Human Character Models Are Some of the Best Yet

Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human might not seemingly have the same intensity on the PS4 hardware as other games. Yet, by its design this means there is a greater attention to detail when it comes to the character models which are more of a focus in this story driven experience and possibly equally taxing on the hardware.

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chrisx119d ago

no doubt. the graphics of this game are on of the best ever out there.

AgeInTheCage118d ago

AMazing what david caged pulled from the base and pro ps4's. I have it on base ps4 and it looks just as amazing as the pro version.

sampsonon118d ago

i am not bashing the game when say i would be more impressed if this was a game where one had more control over the game play, but it does look great for sure.

lxeasy118d ago

I'm currently in my first play through of this game. The graphics are among the best I've ever seen.

ArchangelMike118d ago

Yeah there were definitely moments in the game when I was like - that's just too photorealistic, for example Luther's character model.

OB1Biker118d ago

Markus is the best in my view.

Ron_Danger118d ago

Doesn't matter which character you guys are talking about... if the level is taking place at night in the rain it looks real!

I thought Drive Club had great rain but the rain in Detroit combined with the insane reflections in the puddles is next level!

Pozzle118d ago

The abused android that Connor interrogates look amazing too. Usually the eyes or lips can move a little strangely, but he was nearly spot-on.

JerseyDon118d ago

They should be when your game has zero gameplay

TeamIcoFan118d ago

I love it when people try to force a definition for what is and isn't a game.
It makes my nipples tingle with delight~.

Jaypi03118d ago

You should feel bad for being so purposely ignorant about something that you don't even seek to open your mind about the topic you're complaining about.

I feel sorry for you, this game is great, sure it's has it's flaws as most games do, but to say it has zero gameplay, and having no interest in it, is just straight ignorance.

AspiringProGenji118d ago

Says the one with zero sense of humor

UCForce118d ago

It’s a game which give player a lot of choice and have actual consequences.

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C-H-E-F118d ago

why does the game look better than this video depicts?

Pozzle118d ago

The lighting and animation in the game definitely helps. The way the light reflects off the characters' skin, the small sheen of sweat on their faces, the way Connor's jacket and tie flap around in the all looks amazing.

sampsonon118d ago

until the last of us 2 anyway.

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