Was E3 Too Predictable Or Unpredictable?

E3 Has Come and Gone

E3 has come to a conclusion. As a result, the participants have released an enormous amount of information about their upcoming products for the purposes of building up hype, informing interested individuals, and more besides. For the most part, the information that came out of E3 was not unexpected, though there were still surprises that came up from time to time.

For example, a lot of the upcoming products that were revealed at E3 have been known for some time. In some cases, these upcoming products have had trailers, meaning that the latest announcements are intended to keep their names fresh in the minds of their potential customers. One excellent example is Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, which has had footage plus multiple trailers released in the past months.

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ziggurcat121d ago

It was only "predictable" because so much stuff got leaked beforehand.

spidermann121d ago

loved it! can't wait for my game releasing on September everyone make sure you get a copy!