E3 2018 shows that consumers are still getting a raw deal

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is still an industry event at its heart and that's not working out so well for ticketed consumers.

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PoopsMcGee213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

I can't imagine paying money to go to E3. As a 3-time attendee, I got paid to go and it was still an aggravating experience at times (although it was always preferable to the office). The lines and crowd are comparable to Disneyland but the payoff isn't as great. It's still just an industry convention at its heart despite the bells and whistles.

PoopsMcGee213d ago

Oh, and the last one I went to was about a decade ago so I'm sure the crowds and lines are much worse now.

admiralvic213d ago

I've been to a number of them, including the latest two with the pass and I genuinely don't understand why these people pay to go. Like, I get wanting to see things at E3, but I was talking to one of them on a shuttle to the airport and he mentioned playing six games. Odd are this is hyperbole, since I sincerely doubt he was only able to check out two games a day, but it still works out to about $33.33 to play a demo.

That being said, I don't think the issue is that consumers are getting a raw deal, as much as the narrow focus of the average consumer causes absurd problems. Like, cards on the table, I had a media pass, still didn't get to see Cyberpunk 2077 and that wasn't for a lack of trying. I also didn't get to see anything Xbox did, Sony (I did see Spider-Man because of the press event and Creed thanks to a meeting), Activision, Ubisoft and so forth, so I'm not really coming out ahead being media either, except I paid up to $250 less, got paid to be there, at the cost of having to write/cover a variety of things of varying amounts of interest.

Anyway, getting to my point, the issue will always be lopsided interest. Nintendo was smart enough to see the demand for Smash, essentially schedule time for people to check it out or at least wait in line and circumvented the whole issue of waiting in a four hour line. What happens for other games is simply the viewing E3 as the most narrow of games.

When people ask how was this years E3, it inevitably leads to questions about Kingdom Hearts III, Super Smash Bros., The Division 2, Fallout 76, Pokemon, Call of Duty, Battlefield and things of the like. This is why, even if we have separate days, these things will have absurd waits, because the vast majority of people don't want to go to E3 to see what XSeed is doing or play the latest Bandai Namco title, it's to see a handful of things, resulting in said things having extremely long lines. Something that has been true since my very first E3 where Borderlands 2 had a line so long I couldn't wait in it without skipping a meeting.

What honestly needs to happen is a ticket system for popular games. Not a poor one like Sony does where a ton of people rush to get a handful of spots, but a generous system where you basically predetermine when you wait in line and set it up so a good number of people can experience it. To put it into perspective, while Square wanted to limit Kingdom Hearts III to 15 minutes, we got 20, giving us about 1,620 potential spots to play, with 15 minutes jumping to 2,160 and this doesn't even include the approximate 324 press spots (432 at 15 minutes). Now, some people will miss out, that much is unavoidable, but at least it will streamline the process. Now I might wait an hour or know whether or not I'm going to see it but that is infinitely better than wondering around the show floor waiting for lines to open or spending four or more hours waiting to see one thing.

steven83r212d ago

That's the way i prefer it. I have been going for about 10 years now and i hate that the public is there. The lines are ridiculous and the public is rude. Since they paid to get in they don't care how they act and no worries of being banned or repercussions to a company. I've seen them almost fight because they cut in line and most of them smell like weed or are drunk at 9am. There are a handful that are truly excited to be there and appreciate the opportunity. What they should do is just have 2 days be for all and first day only for industry. Sony is a let down every year now with their BS choose a time to play. Somehow all slots gone within 1 second of it opening. Go back to the good old days of having to stand in line.