Why Cyberpunk 2077 Is Taking So Long

Developer CD Projekt Red first teased Cyberpunk 2077 five years ago, but we hadn’t heard another word about the game until this past E3. Why’d it take so long? One of the studio’s top executives joins Kotaku Splitscreen to explain.

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thorstein216d ago

The hubris! This "journo" interviewing the people from CDPR and he pretends as if he knows what he's talking about AND has the gall to speak condescendingly to Marcin Iwiński!!!

What didn't you understand about Marcin explaining explicitly that it wasn't a reboot.

Learn to English, Jason. Marcin had to. FFS

Grievous214d ago

Taking long? How about waiting 10 years for a new elder scrolls game.

UltraNova214d ago

Bethesda is one of the few devs with a golden... scratch that, an epic pass to get away with anything.

TacticAce214d ago

Did you play Fallout 4? Just gonna forget that happened?

UltraNova214d ago

Yes I did, F3 was by far the better game with graphics suitable for its time to boot. What's your point?

arkard214d ago

I wish I could forget fallout 4 happened. Game came out looking like a ps3 game. Any other developer would have been ridiculed beyond belief