Destiny 2’s Upcoming Gambit Mode Will Have Four Different Maps

Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2's Gambit mode will come with four different maps, ensuring its longevity following the Forsaken expansion's launch.

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OnlyThoseOnTheFence119d ago

Isn't this the game mode Bungie was pimping a few months back, saying it would "change FPS gaming"? Seems pretty lame to me. Not only that, but if this was included with the game at launch people would have been bored with it months ago. Cue fanbody rage defense in 3..2..1...

spicelicka119d ago

I'm sure this was planned way before launch. Instead of including in the launch game they must have decided to throw it in DLC as padding, and give us the same barebones multiplayer at launch.

And what do you know, DLC expansion will probably cost $40 and practically force you buy it if you want to keep enjoying the game. I won't forget the day Taken King was released, every other thing was locked and Raid requirements increased so I couldn't even attempt it.