Here Are 5 PS4 Exclusives Yoshida Might Be Hinting At

Twinfinite writes: “Here are five potential titles we could see making their way onto the PS4 before this console generation ends.”

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PhoenixUp126d ago

Whatever happened to that Medieval remake

TallonIV125d ago

Whatever happened to Deep Down?

Godmars290125d ago

Capcom has been rumored to still be working on it. Rather recently too.

Though don't expect it to remain exclusive.

PLAYWATCH76125d ago

When a game takes this type of line after being announced, not only do I lose interest I harbor negative feelings towards it.

Segata124d ago

It's either where Agent is or where TLG once was.

Legendary-Status124d ago

Throwback whatever happen to The Getaway 3 & 8 days? Lol

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oasdada125d ago

What happened to without memory

MrSwankSinatra124d ago

what happened to BioShock for PS vita?

leahcim125d ago

thast´s what I want to now ....

UltraNova125d ago

Damn you ^^^^ guys are on roll!

Segata124d ago

What happened to Elder Scrolls on PSP

Dragonscale124d ago

Wonder whatever happened to scalebound lol.

Segata124d ago

That's what I am most excited about for Sony 1st party. Medieval,Ape Escape and Sly Cooper are my fave Sony franchises from their early days.

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I_am_Batman126d ago

Well Horizon 2 is definitely in development and while it could be a late PS4 title I think it's more likely that it's in development for the PS5. It's pretty much the perfect system for the PS5's first year.

Bloodborne 2 probably won't happen this gen. Miyazaki and his team are busy working on Sekiro which started development back in 2015 right after the Bloodborne dlc was finished. Even if they start development for Bloodborne 2 right after Sekiro releases next year it'll be a PS5 game.

The other 3 seem much more likely to me but Yoshida didn't specify that the unannounced exclusive games he was talking about are AAA titles.

Ceaser9857361125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Zero dawn 2 will be a PS5 title..

BeardedDrachen125d ago

It could be both? IDK. 3 years sounds ok. It would be a game at the end of the generation if PS5 comes in 2020.

Ceaser9857361125d ago

Zero dawn is an expensive IP. So Sony would def want a lot of sale from its sequel. So Prolly 2nd year of PS5.

I_am_Batman125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I think so too but It definitely won't be called Zero Dawn 2. Zero Dawn is the subtitle of the first game.

jivah125d ago

@I_am_Batman Yea just like Metal Gear. Solid is merely the subtitle. Metal Gear being its primary name. At the end of the day you don't know what it will be called.

Muzikguy125d ago

I can see it being a PS5 launch tiitle. IMO that would be a perfect system seller for a new console.

I_am_Batman125d ago

@jivah: Except that Zero Dawn is very specific to the story of Horizon. It wouldn't make sense to continue with that subtitle.

AmUnRa125d ago

And a PS4 titel, whe are talking about Sony here. They never abandoned a system what is on the market in favour of a new console, the proof is the PS3 in the first years of the PS4.

neoandrew125d ago

Lol it wont, sony will not ditch ps pro before at least 6 years from its release, they cant, and u can bank on horizon 2 (maybe new dawn) to be out before that 6 years, so it will be at least on pro for sure and the next ps iteration.

PLAYWATCH76125d ago

I think it will be on both PS4 and PS5. I believe Sony will make PS5 fully backward compatible with the PS4 system in order to avoid starting with zero install base like in the past.

I_am_Batman124d ago

@neoandrew: 6 years? That's November 2022. Unlikely unless the PS5 comes out in 2022. Sony said from the start that the PS4 pro is still considered a PS4 and that it won't extend the life cycle of the PS4. They also clarified that it won't get any games that the standard PS4 won't get.

They definitely won't keep releasing every 1st party title on PS4 for that long. The PS5 will be vastly more powerful especially in terms of CPU power. They'd have to leave that potential mostly untapped for PS5 games to be able to run on PS4's hardware. Not to mention that they'll want to sell as many PS5s as quickly as possible. Not having any exclusive games would be a disaster in terms of sales.

@Playwatch: You mean they'll keep the PS4 forwards compatible? Because the PS5 being backwards compatible would still mean that they start with zero install base.

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MuddyWaters125d ago

One is going to be a PSVR title from North West Studio

Another will be from the people behind Gravity Rush 2

Third will be a side project from Naughty Dog. This one is deep in secrecy but I think it will be something different. Could be a totally different genre.

SuperSonic91125d ago

Legend of Dragoon, Mega Man Legends 3

Kostche125d ago

Legend of Dragoon <3 i could only dream of that

Muzikguy125d ago

I need to hook up my PS3 and play LoD still. I’ve yet to play that game but know at some point I want to

SuperSonic91125d ago

What an incredible game LoD is. One the best rpgs on PSX.

lociefer125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Not that complicated ; horizon 2 , gow 2/5, medieval, naughty dog's new ip, and probably the agent( lol)

Ceaser9857361125d ago

Agent wont happen. Prolly that's why R* always gives Marketing right for their games to Sony.

I_am_Batman125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Those games aren't coming out on PS4. The God of War sequel probably isn't even in pre production yet. It won't come out before 2022. Those are PS5 titles except for Medievil.

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Kingoftherodeo125d ago

I hope they got good vr games im starting to get a vita feeling from psvr

Kostche125d ago

did you play that robinson game? was it any good? i was gonna get psvr for it

T2X125d ago

Yeah, it was pretty decent.

getbacktogaming125d ago

Damn I recently sold my Vita and I was thinking I'd rather skip the PSVR after seeing how Sony supported that..

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