Gear up for some Waaagh! With the 18 best Warhammer Games to play on PC!

Gear up for some Waaagh! With the 18 best Warhammer Games to play on PC!

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ClanPsi1175d ago

18? Doesn't that seem a bit extreme? Top 5 would be a more useful list.

morganfell175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

Inquisitor Martyr is a disaster right now. Should have stayed in Early Access. Bugs, bugs, and mo bugs. They just had their first community event and on the final morning when it looked like the goal wouldn't be reached the kill total shot up magically over 10k in less than an hour. The devs were just determined for it to succeed. The best part was no matter how many kills for which you were legitimately responsible, everyone was awarded the same useless unearned prize.

Tesal175d ago

I read there

they mentioned it was their first 'n a mini-like event "same like what blizzard doing at wow" henc the small reward

also noticed they fixed alot of bugs 'n less pps complaining there based on their fourms

morganfell175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

What forum is that ha ha. The Steam forums are a wreck. And that reward and the progression system is a sham. The way fate is tied to progression at upper levels makes things, and I'll borrow a forum quote here, glacial at best. Having to rerun the half finished and broken campaign to generate fate is absurd. Purchaser rewards for the more deluxe editions like mine, outside of a useless Servo skull have not arrived. All of that is barely scratching the surface.

This is on top of them lying on the store page about this being an open world sandbox game. Plenty of people complained early on and were told to wait. Well it isn't an open world sandbox game. Going on a random mission to some place one time and then you can never go back there again is neither open world or a sandbox. The fact is they are just lying about the game for sales. They have continually changed the roadmap every time they had an idea (like PvP - that was a wonderful waste of time and development resources)