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COGconnected Writes: I was lucky enough to get a whole hour with We Happy Few at this year's E3, and it looks like Compulsion Games has made a lot of positive changes.

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Vasto121d ago

Just like Hellblade showed how talented Ninja Theory is this game will just show just how talented Compulsion Games are. Microsoft just got a really good studio.

SpaceRanger121d ago

Let's hope so. Their demo last year for the beta was horrible.
Interesting that they stuck more to the Bioshock format in the upgrades they've done.

Vasto121d ago

I always got a Bioshock vibe from this game.

DigitalRaptor121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I'm glad that they're more focused on the dystopian story-oriented promise that had me intrigued from day one.

I hope that actual gameplay is good though. It's a shame that the alpha has been so dreadful, but they seem to have used that as a foundation to create something that looks rather good. I doubt they can deliver something as impactful as BioShock, but let's see what they've got!

KwietStorm121d ago

It looked kinda dull in the demos I saw, and there were some concerning graphical hitches for a game this close to release. I know they pretty much changed the whole game because the alpha was lacking to begin with, but I don't know that they got it done.

Gunstar75121d ago

This reminds me of the original Bioshock which was one of my favourite games ever

Smokehouse121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I’m actually happy the survival aspects were toned down. If it’s more like Bioshock now then that will be a purchase for me.

I played the early access and while it looked cool and the premise was great I didn’t know what to do. It was kinda pointless. A great narrative could be a win for this game.

DialgaMarine121d ago

I’m still curious about this one. Will it be nothing but running and hiding, or will there be more action elements to it? It reminds a lot of Bioshock, so it’d be pretty cool to have some fun weapons as well

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