Cyberpunk Creator Turned Down Half a Dozen Offers Before CD Projekt Red

IGN's Tom Marks spoke with Cyberpunk 2020 creator Mike Pondsmith at E3, who told him that CD Projekt Red definitely wasn’t the first video game company to try and license Cyberpunk from him.

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starchild130d ago

Good choice. CD Projekt RED are one of the most talented studios in the industry and perfect for this kind of game.

FinalFantasyFanatic129d ago

At least cd project Red treats their games with love and care, they treat their buyers well too (all that free Witcher 3 dlc).

Chaos_Order130d ago

The creator could've taken the first offer that came his way to make some money. Instead, he waited for a developer he trusted to do the license justice, because he cares about the quality of the final product. That kind of attitude should be praised as it shows a level of integrity. In an age where many gamers are willing to waive any and all business practices regardless of the end result because "people gotta make as much money as possible no matter what" it's about time we gave some respect for those who respect US.

Gatsu130d ago

The only right choice.

GTgamer130d ago

Imma need a list of devs they denied

Tobse129d ago

Cant turn down god himself

NXFather129d ago

What do you mean? You can pm me if necessary.

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