Wolfenstein 2 Devs: No compromises for Switch version

In a recent interview, the head of Panic Button Games, Adam Creighton, said that no compromises will be made to get Wolfenstein 2 to run on the Nintendo Switch.

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178d ago
himdeel178d ago

LMAO! Oh they are serious. Don't believe any developers when they say no compromises. Its a guaranteed lie.

Gemmol178d ago

Okay i remember that when i read an article from Sony developers

himdeel178d ago

They all lie! Sony included.

Spenok178d ago

I played this at E3... there's definitely graphical compromises. The game plays well, but at a distance greater than roughly 5-10 feet it looks muddied and super ugly.

Sciurus_vulgaris178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Th graphics are scaled back, the framerate is 30 FPS and resolution are lower. So how were no compromises made ?

WorldGamer178d ago

I think the developer is trying to parse words. I read the comment as "no compromises" when it comes to gameplay, not presentation. But I think your point is well taken, obviously, there will be a difference. A better response would be for them to admit they are making some concessions, but they are working hard to make sure the experience meets certain quality standards by working with the specific hardware and the limitations it posses.

I am yet to play this game or the first one. Something to add to my backlog I guess.

Tazzy178d ago

The game looks great but with weaker hardware there has to be compromises otherwise it's going to run very slow.

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