Halo: Infinite Is So Ambitious It Needed A New Game Engine, Developer Says

343 studio head Chris Lee has since confirmed that Halo: Infinite will tell a more Master Chief-centric story, which is good news after Halo 5 went in a different direction. The story in Halo: Infinite will begin after the events of Halo 5, but that is all we know so far.

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lxeasy222d ago

Can't wait to see what the new engine does to the looks of this game

Obscure_Observer222d ago

Amazing! This news will shut the mouth of some people who thinks this game is gonna be MP Only/Always Online.

Spurg222d ago

Take your sweet time 343i.
I'm also hearing rumors that the single player will release before the multiplayer. The reason for that is because they will both be two different things. Halo have use the same gameplay for single player and multiplayer but I can understand why it will be separate.
Halo infinite will be without a doubt an open world game but may be multiregional open world similar to the Witcher 3. And having traditional Halo multiplayer in that sort on open world environment doesn't quite make sense. That's why it will release separately using more arena based multiplayer.

Sciurus_vulgaris222d ago

I don't believe the rumors of Halo Infinite launching without MP. Just because the newest Halo maybe open-world doesn't mean the mp will not be arena-focused.

AngelicIceDiamond222d ago

I don't understand the fascination with chief. I like having multiple main characters such as Lock. Chief is very boring character tbh. While story or character wise I'm not so keen on, from your post it sounds like exploration and hopefully there's leveling with new armor sets and abilities. Maybe even space travel exploration in real time.

Obscure_Observer222d ago

I belive 343i will make this Halo as big as GTAV

BiggerBoss221d ago

Lmao, that's pretty funny.

spicelicka221d ago

I think if it's open world it might be like mass effect, where it's not a seamless world but you have massive locations that are separate form each other. This would be good for diversity, I'd love to travel from Halo rings to Earth to Sanghelios to Requiem. Imagine being able to re-visit Reach in its post-glassing stage.

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chrisx222d ago

The trailer gave me alot of halo1 vibes which is a very positive direction imo. Open world halo with main focus on master chief is a big plus for this.

candystop222d ago

Original Halo theme music is so important. Just brings the world of Halo to life. The trailer gave me similar vibes.

mcstorm221d ago

I agree. Still not finished 5 as just not had time but now getting through my back log of games going to look at beating 5 and then get ready for 6 as I think with the great sp on 4 and added MP on 5 343i could hit 6 right where it should be.

GamerDad82221d ago

Don’t waste your time with Halo 5 campaign, it sucks! Halo 4 campaign was awesome.

222d ago
Srhalo222d ago

Ugh not another open world story driven game, that's all they make.

NeoGamer232222d ago (Edited 222d ago )


The only open world Halo driven story is Halo ODST. All other Halos are chapter driven games in a area not an open world. And even ODST does not open the whole map to the gamer. It opens in sections.

Prince_TFK222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

N4G before E3: MS really need a story drive game!

N4G after E3: Not another story driven game!

Anyway, I seriously looking forward to this.

BiggerBoss221d ago

Do you think that every single person on N4G holds the exact same opinion on everything?

Prince_TFK221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

No I don’t. But look around you. Better yet, look in all MS’s articles.

nowitzki2004221d ago

What I say is.. MS really needs some new IPs

After E3... MS still really needs new IPs

No Way221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

BiggerBoss - 90% of them. Every article is predictable with the comments that will be in them. Most of them are hateful comments towards the other console or someones opinion; just as nowit just displayed.

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