3 Ugly Truths We Learned About Skull and Bones at E3 2018

Twinfinite writes:

We got some hands-on time with Skull and Bones at E3 2018. From what we've played so far, we're not sure it's the pirate game we were really hoping for.

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isarai128d ago

It's literally JUST ship combat, no on foot mechanics at all, which is only a portion of what made people like black flag, which this is obviously riding on.

thorstein128d ago

So, Skull n Bones will be the title that gets unequivocal hate for no reason. It's so hard to predict these things.

I am pretty sure their video already showed the main character walking through a port and interacting with vendors.

But, we get to have "journos" already making up claims about a game that we are just learning about and hasn't even launched.

Gee, how many times has that happened on N4G? (rhetorical question since anyone who has been around N4G for more than a few months knows that the answer is "quite often.")

Jinger128d ago

All that was is a facade to make it look like he was "walking through" it was just a nice cinematic transition for going from the market to stock up, to the boat. There was no one actually controlling the character walking outside.

thorstein128d ago (Edited 128d ago )


Yes, the preAlpha gameplay showed the main character walking through a port.

So, what? You already have hate for a game that is months away, has not been played, and doesn't contain what these "journos" claim.

Whoopdi do for you.

EDIT: This is the second Anti Skull and Bones article Twinfinite has submitted. Lame.

Rachel_Alucard127d ago

They probably ran out of resources given it's a new IP. If they make a sequel it will most likely have on foot mechanics and actual involved boarding.

madhouse02128d ago

I dunno, I'm still kinda interested because I loved the ship combat of AC Black Flag so much. At least there's some outside of ship stuff even if it isn't combat... if it becomes a game as a service maybe we'll see the combat stuff added further down the track?

smolinsk128d ago

For god sake ubisoft, people what land exploration also, how stupid can one company get? You took the game back and everyone thought you were putting land exploration in the the now, but no....everyone what's a new ip similar to black flag pirate game, it would be like printing money.

lazyboyblue128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

I'd go back to the drawing board Ubisoft. Ship combat should have just the starting point.
Black flag but without the Assassin stuff would have been a winner I think. Build on that.
Add customisable parrots, enemies (and network friends) walk the plank ( other famous pirate executions unlockable like the one in black sails where u get dragged under the ship and torn apart by the barnacles), buried treasure (maps to which can be found in floating bottles, decorate your island lair with the customised parts of your enemies ships that YOU choose to keep after sinking them, sea monsters (giant squid attack!), steering the boat out of your head on rum, villainous boss pirate captain's with gold teeth and evil monkeys, tomb raider style puzzle caves you sail your ship into like the goonies, sunken treasure ships, fleet battle pve v the Spanish, Portuguese and English navies, daft Easter eggs like say stumbling across the Lost island or the love island and cannonball the he'll out of it and some micro management of your ships systems and crew. Fire the cook, cannibalize your enemies, manage rum portions, allocate the treasure shares.

But no. Ubisoft be like "press x fire cannon, press o to duck" and game depth will stretch to "press options buy DLC."

Jinger128d ago

Haha I tried telling you guys it was only ship combat.