Skull and Bones’ “tremendous response” to Season 1 may surprise you

Yes, Ubisoft's divisive pirate RPG Skull and Bones appears to be sailing on the tides of success, as Ubisoft prepares to launch Season 2.

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kenpachi35d ago

I wonder how much Ubisoft payed for this article to be written.

Skuletor34d ago

I wonder how much a AAAA journalist would cost too.

BeHunted34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Maybe it was Sony?

OtterX34d ago

Reminds me of the E3 after the Fallout 76 launch, where the Bethesda team came out on stage hyping how great the game was and had people actually cheering in the audience. (Despite all the negative reviews and feedback floating around the internet at that time.)

neutralgamer199233d ago

But would we be really surprised to find out S&B did well? There are million s of gamers who don’t even arch reviews and just buy what looks cool.

Remember for honor and how much hate it got for the ridiculous amount of micro transactions and player progress be behind a pay wall. Well guess what it’s still going on and one of most successful games for UBI. We think few weeks of hate or dislike matters when most publishers plan for that and start pushing it harder once journalists have moved on to other games

NBA-K is basically a digital casino yet it’s generating hundreds of millions

NFL and FIFA player cards generate EA billions in micro transactions

We don’t buy them but just look up on YouTube and how many people have invested thousands into some of theee games. And 2K pays these YouTubers to highlight the digital casino

We are the problem. We refuse to speak with our wallets. When it’s our favorite game we become hypocrites saying things like no one is being forced to buy

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RhinoGamer8834d ago

Does anyone have accurate gameplay numbers from Steam or PSN? I smell snow job...

Profchaos34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I recall seeing a fairly low concurrent player base that was helped by the free trial (likely the metric they are using internally to push for season 2)

S2Killinit34d ago

If true, it goes to show that the negative press response was not reflecting reality. I personally thought omitting land traversal was a huge miss. But i also thought there was some things that were great about it. Lets see which story was true and which was made up (or worse, paid for)

Zeref34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I couldn't find any redeeming qualities about the game. Except maybe the graphics look decent?Please enlighten me. It feels like this was a bad mobile gaming turned into a console game.

S2Killinit34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I haven’t played it. But what I was seeing looked to capture some of the magic of Black Flag which was an excellent game. I felt that they could build on it and hoped that they would add land battles/exploration to it. The graphics do look good. And its not just another fps live service. Thats all. I dont really know much else about it, except I like the concept of playing as a pirate, with that sense of freedom and exploration.

Zeref34d ago

Yeah no it's nothing like Black Flag.

Friendlygamer34d ago

No data just pr talk. The same site has an article talking about how the price of the game was slashed quickly post release, these sites treat us like fools lol

InUrFoxHole34d ago

What exactly is you're arguement? Did you read the article?

jjb198134d ago

They're right. There is no argument either. The game is a turd and Ubisoft is doubling down on that turd. It's all fancy PR talk with no actual substance. I don't know what "argument" you're looking for. I read the article. It sounds like Ubisoft asked for a redo on their "AAAA" "game". Trash game and trash company.

Friendlygamer34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Price decrease articles are typically made to make it seem like a gaming is flopping, they're often poorly researched and meaningless.
The article about the game thriving is also meaningless because it contains no data, it's basically corporate propaganda, even suicide squad is getting a season 2

In resume, not only this site plays both sides, it does it lazily and cynically because they don't care about quality, what they care about is clicks from us ( fools )

InUrFoxHole34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

@ jb
🤣 all it says is thanksfor the support. It's not like they're saying hey it's better than what you've seen come buy it. Lol you guys will whine about anything
@ Friendly
Gotcha when you referenced the other articles was like... uh doesn't that make it non biased? Basically you prefer stats with these articles or some sort of metric. I'm tracking. All I can say is... not everything is an amazing read or comment on n4g, lol. Game on!

Friendlygamer34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Skull and bones TReMENDoUS ReSPoNSe. Prove it gaming journalist !! Prove it

jjb198134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

@InYourFaceHole Use all the emojis you need in order to feel better. Your latest comment is just a "save face" comment. Everybody knows you're a Ubisoft simp now. I hope you got what you wanted with your $190 Rare Earth Metal Ultimate Clandestine Epic Edge Lord Edition.

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TheColbertinator34d ago

Another paid AAAA article from Ubisoft