Nintendo On Metroid Prime 4's E3 2018 Absence

GI: "Metroid Prime 4 was absent during this year's Nintendo Direct presentation and we asked why."

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-Foxtrot132d ago

"I think the main thing is, as people have probably realized by now – we show things when we think we’re ready to show them. And when we think we’re ready to show Metroid Prime, we’ll show Metroid Prime"

So why did you guys reveal it last year?

Neonridr132d ago

yeah that was a little bit of a head scratcher. You would think that logically if they showed a teaser trailer last year, that they might have something to show this year. I mean hell, it could have just been a trailer for all that it mattered. I think they were better off leaving it out of their E3 last year and then showed that this year. It would have been a little more acceptable.

I get that Nintendo was trying to show stuff that was coming in 2018 or maybe early 2019, but still.. progress has got to have been made on that game.

WPX131d ago

I think Trinnen explained that(not sure if it was in the same article), since it was Switch's first year, they would show games in the making beyond the next year(like Metroid Prime and now Yoshi) and they are back this year(this year) just showing what will be available in the near future(though that doesn't explain Daemon Ex Machina and Fire Emblem, tho nice but releasing next year)

3-4-5130d ago

@WPX..exactly. It's already been explained before but Sony fans will jump at anything.

TallonIV130d ago

I hope we get something on Prime 4 at the game awards..

wonderfulmonkeyman131d ago

There's a difference between letting people know it's coming, and showing it off extensively.
They let people know, because people had been asking for long enough that they felt it was necessary to tell them.

Agent_00_Revan131d ago

Exactly. Let them know it's at least in development. This will at least calm some people down, even just slightly.

Zodiac131d ago

I think it was a "yes, stop worrying, Metroid on the home console is still a thing"

Agent_00_Revan131d ago

Because they needed to give people reasons to buy the Switch. Same as why they announced Pokemon Switch. Last year at this time was still very on in the Switch's life and before it did the sales numbers it's been doing.

GameBoyColor131d ago

CDPR did the same thing with CP2077, twice.

Benjaminkno130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Nintendo didn't actually show anything last year.
They showed a title, meaning they announced that they were working on it. They didn't show anything because they weren't ready like they said. I'm sure that they have plenty of cards up their sleeve.

Gr8saiyaman88130d ago

Because people wouldn't shut up about Metroid for a solid decade

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Moonman131d ago

Yes, I'm still excited to SEE it, but even the same little teaser with a "2019" would of been better than nothing. ;p

Venox2008131d ago

even though i was a bit sad they didnt show Bayo3 & Metroid prime 4.. but I waited for so long..i can wait they can show them on any future Nintendo Directs

Einhander1971131d ago

Agreed surely there is something to show.

SR38813131d ago

Could shower a 3d render of Samus or a concept art pic or something lol this was E3 for me and alot of others lol

SR38813131d ago

Not what I meant! Lol stoopid phones!... But yes very noice image lol

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