Nintendo at E3 2018

The latest news from Nintendo at E3 2018.

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gangsta_red223d ago

Very curious to see what Nintendo brings.

G3ng4r223d ago

Everyone else is dropping the ball and this is their e3. Can't wait.

GameGod26223d ago

Yep showing anticipated games = dropping the ball 😑

G3ng4r223d ago

Showing upcoming games for third, fourth or fifth time? Yeah, it's kind of sad.

Greg2801223d ago

Jepp nintendo really showed the rest of the E3 how its done LMAO

shammgod223d ago

you sound like a depressing person to hang around

Xx_Pistol_xX223d ago

And how many times have we played Pokemon, Zelda and Mario?

corroios222d ago

More wii u games, thats a fact

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223d ago
Kribwalker223d ago

hopefully they bring some solid games

223d ago
Aceman18223d ago

Only thing they showed I cared about was FE but sad its pushed to 2019, also can't wait for octopath.

Everything else I didn't care about.

Overall I'd give it a C-

Also nothing about metroid prime 😡

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Geobros223d ago

Come on Nintendo, give us Links Awakening remake please.

Daisysnow 223d ago

That would be great! In 3d or just a cleaned up top view?

joshljr223d ago

What was that game in the Microsoft brief that was basically just Links Awakening? With a fox...

Platformgamer223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

aside of smash, i don't think i'll be amazed, let's see

ninsigma223d ago

That was it it for let's go?? Should have shown more.

ninsigma223d ago

My god, so much time on smash Bros which looks awful and virtually nothing for pokemon apart from what we already knew. Beyond boring!

Kosic223d ago

It felt like we just re-watched the Pokémon trailer. But it seems to have a live gameplay press currently (an hour after the show).

ninsigma223d ago

Thanks for the heads up!

ninsigma223d ago

Well that was the most boring thing ever. Smash coverage beats out Sonys crappy interval for me as worst thing at e3. And then that was the last thing they showed. Waste of time.

Smokehouse223d ago

This is actually pretty good so far. Not a lot I would buy but it’s quality. Mario party looks good.