Top 5 Best Games at Sony's E3 2018 Conference, Ranked by Hype

Twinfinite Writes: Sony had a lot to share during its E3 2018 conference, so we take a look at which announcements and trailers stood out the most this year.

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rivaldoo777155d ago

The games let alone was the most hyped thing but the show meh

StifflerK155d ago

Ghost of Tsushima was my number one, it looks stunning!

Greymon93154d ago

Last of us 2 looks to be another GOAT

BlahBlahWhatever153d ago

TLOU2 for me was the most impressive, the fights I saw in the trailer was spectacular almost unreal, so if that's how every encounter in the game is going to be then ND is going to craft once more something out of this world, the first TLOU was an amazing experience for me, one of the best games ever, can't w8 to see if TLOU2 can make me say the same when we finally get it in our hands :)

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