No, Microsoft Did Not ‘Win’ E3 2018 – Their Conference Was a Massive Let Down

"With no new IPs on the horizon, the PS4 will continue being the runaway success of the generation, and Microsoft will keep hemorrhaging its loyal fans until they can do something about it. So no, Microsoft have not ‘won’ E3 2018. Not by a very long stretch. Not when the same complaints that we’ve repeated for the past 4 years are still just as relevant now. Give us games – then we’ll talk." Ben Hutchings - Gamer Professionals.

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chrisx1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

this writer says it as it is. nothing but the truth imo.

RpgSama1747d ago

That's right, Ms E3 was a travesty, the same conference of every year, over again, anothet new Forza, another new Halo, 3 more Gears with Gears Pop, Gears Tactics & Gears 5, Ori 2 showed again, Crackdown 3 showed for the 6th time?, Sea of Thieves expansions for a game that is already dead + already released "exclusives" like Pubg yet again and we happy few again, a game that was released like 2 years ago on Xbox as an early access. Add to that a bunch of third party games that everyone will get, what's the point in getting world exclusive trailers I don't know, these games will be on the competition or already are (Nier).

For me the conference was a HUGE disappointment. The biggest purchase and surprise was Ninja Theory, Playground and Undead labs doesn't add anything to MS, they already were releasing games exclusively for Xbox, so they didn't gain nothing they didn't already have with those, that's it.

-Foxtrot1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

True but how many people will actually read the article to see his's just going to look like an attack on here and you know what happens

Brave_Losers_Unite1747d ago

The worst thing about it NO EXCLUSIVES

showtimefolks1747d ago

it more more of the same besides the studio announcement and few of the studios were xbox related to begin with

SpringHeeledJack1747d ago

Same old smoke and mirrors from Microsoft. games that are not really exclusive. Same old Halo, Forza and Gears announcement.

Top it off they did a typical Microsoft tactic of just buying up companies. fans have been saying Microsoft need a culture change, not to buy up more studios. They will ruin these new developers like Rare if they do not change their business strategy and culture.

starchild1747d ago

1. You can't declare a "winner" until all companies have had their conference.

2. The "winner" is always going to come down to personal taste.

JaguarEvolved1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

All I saw at the Microsoft conference was halo, gears , gears, gears, Forza. It's the same thing they've been doing. Acquisition of development studios is very good for Microsoft but those games wont be out by middle of next generation while Sony is constantly releasing exclusive games and they'll have games to launch with the ps5. PlayStation will continue to dominate

bouzebbal1747d ago

No idea why people are excited for xbox show anymore.. Has been a letdown since first reveal, getting worse and worse overtime.

GameNameFame1746d ago

I love how people are calling it winner by showing multiplats.

If showing multiplats games are winner. Than youtube is the winner! It showed ALL multiplats!

Fanboys gon deperate

GamingIVfun1746d ago

A lot of flash and bravado. A lot of timed exclusives, mostly indie games. Lots of third party game announcement which were good, but didn't carry the show and they will be on other consoles . They bought five game studios. Were any new games announced from those studios? Halo...long way from release, just basically an announcement. A Forza and a Gears game, they looked great......

A flashy stage and them saying we are the best ( you decide) basically. To be honest I have never liked there flashy approach to the E3 conference and them always saying they are the best. If you say your the best you better be the best because it will bite you in the ass if you aren't. Microsoft have been bitten a few times. The better approach would be to say we strive to be the best. As far as the Xbox One being the best place to play third party games, they cover both ends of that deal, if you are playing on Xbox One or Xbox One S you could be playing the worst version of those games and even if you play on Xbox One X it's not a given it's going to be the best version

pinkcrocodile751746d ago

To be fair, I doubt Microsoft can do anything right on this site, fanboy's aside.

Now I'm not trying to moan because my point is, that we already knew the chance of new ip's already coming to fruition was highly unlikely. We all knew that MS should do a Sony and buy some studios and we all know that in gaming nothing happens in 6 months and to be fair even 12 months is a stretch.

So I went into the conference with tempered expectations and I was pleasantly surprised.

I like Gears of War, especially 4 and have high hopes for 5, however I'm really curious over the tactical gears ([email protected] knows what the pop thing was mind).

I'm a massive fan of Forza but specifically Forza Horizon and after watching FH4 show off seasons like Autumn and Winter made me excited.

Yes, these games are well known but don't forget that the reason they are made is because we love them with every iteration.

I loved the conference and was surprised as opposed to bored.

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n1kki61747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I saw 50 games, some of which I will play on PC, some I will play on PS4, and some I Will play on xbox. Was a good show to me. I guess if your poor or a douche and only play on one system, then yeah, I suppose.

Tobse1746d ago

That moment your fanboy Level reaches new hights

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Eonjay1747d ago

To me, giving the win to Microsoft is like giving them credit for basically posting everyone else's work. I do give them credit for Forza and Gears as I think those were highlights. Especially Gears as I'm not even a Gears fan and I thought that looked great.

Ristul1746d ago

Great point, they showed a lot of multiplats.

KillBill1746d ago

Microsoft 50 games of which 18 were exclusives. Sony 16 games of which 11 were exclusives. So Sony had a better exclusive ratio but Microsoft showed more. So Microsoft had a lot of Multiplats shown but didn't mean they didn't show exclusives. Even showed some games that many had said would stay/be on PS only.

DarkVoyager1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

“No, Microsoft Did Not ‘Win’ E3 2018 – Their Conference Was a Massive Let Down“

I wouldn’t say their conference was a massive let down. I though it was one of their best.

They need more games outside of Halo, Gears, and Forza though. Hopefully the studios the acquired will help fill in the gap. I’m sure Playground games are working on a new Fable game as we speak.

Brave_Losers_Unite1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

It was good, but the games are coming out for PS4 and PC. So their E3 was basically a 3rd party E3

The 10th Rider1747d ago

I don't see why that matters though? Sure there were some concerning things for Microsoft as a business, but even from that perspective they talked about buying studios, they talked about expanding gamepass, etc . . . all of which are promising from a business perspective. From a gaming perspective sure they didn't show many exclusives, but they showed a ton of great games and moved quickly through them. It was a great show.

manabyte771747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

But it wasn’t good unless you were looking at the third party showcase that took up 90% of the show. My favorite part was Cyberpunk 2077 at the end, and I’ll be playing that on PS4.

Kribwalker1747d ago

18 out of their 50 games have either timed or console exclusivity. so 36% of their games have some sort of exclusivity. hardly all the games 😉

jagermaster6191746d ago

Sony had 3rd party games shown too. Plus they showed games that we knew about from last year's e3. Least Microsoft showed us mostly new games.

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ClanPsi11747d ago

Makes you wonder why they're even in the gaming industry if that was one of their best shows.

alb18991746d ago

I'm wondering why you are aloud to have an opinion with your logic.....hmmm!

Seraphim1747d ago

"I thought it was one of their best."

That just shows how much, rather, how little they've been doing this gen for this to be one of their best. There were some good games, yes, but overall it was incredibly meh. Aside from the surprise acquisition of Ninja Theory who have always praised their independence.

LOCO2091747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

To be honest the only reason I bought HELL BLADE was to support their independence.
Good game but only got it at launch to support them.. They must have been on life support......----------------- ---
to sell out.

NovusTerminus1747d ago

Their conference was a step forward by admitting the need for, and their commitment to 1st party now.

But overall it did nothing to sell their cinference.

SuperSaiyanGod411747d ago

U nailed it and I agree but in my honest opinion this Microsoft e3 was my favorite one by far. Yeah they didn't have any huge exclusives to win me over yet but just seeing them invest in new studios shows me they aren't giving up and are readying up for next gen to really compete. It's really good for all us gamers.

FallenAngel19841747d ago

It wasn’t a let down for gamers in general since a lot of things that many people can appreciate got unveiled.

It wasn’t a let down for some devoted Xbox gamers. However if you don’t have an Xbox console this conference didn’t do much to persuade you to get one over a PS4.

Cmv381747d ago

And that's the point. Ms has still done very little to convince me to buy an Xbox alongside the pro. Yes I'm Sony first, but I'm not Sony exclusive, but I understand and appreciate my power as a consumer.