Always Online Fallout 76 Will Alienate Many West Virginia Players

If what Todd Howard just said on the E3 stage is true, than many of the players in West Virginia will not be able to enjoy Fallout 76.

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-Foxtrot130d ago

Kind of ironic...which is why always online games are not good

If you can really "play this game solo" like many developers who make these kind of games say then do a mode which takes you offline and treats it as a single player game.

Lightning Mr Bubbles130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I've decided to give this a chance. From what I understand it's still a quest game with a storyline but you can take the journey on with friends or play it alone if you want. Kind of like Dark Souls or even "I hate saying it" but Destiny, yes it's an online world but it doesn't mean the main focus has to be team frag matches. I personally did enjoy making my own settlements in Fallout 4 with all the fences, neon lights, decorations, and there were times I thought... wouldn't it be so cool if you could share this with other players or defend it from other people. I did see how having online in Fallout might be a fun thing. I don't know if this will end up being just an online spinoff but I don't think that's the plan right now, sounds like they are building a huge world with new engine and going all out. I think they are serious about this game and maybe taking the franchise in a new direction if it works out. I don't think even Bethesda knows for sure yet, they are just trying something new and I'm willing to give it a chance. I mean they could make another super long DLC of Fallout 4 and call it Fallout: West Virginia or Fallout 5 and we would all think it's an all new mainline Fallout title, and I would be okay with that because I love Fallout, but we have had plenty of DLC already and the same formula is getting just a bit stale. So, I'm willing to give this a chance and keep an open mind.

Lamboomington130d ago

Apparently no human NPCs. They'll all be other players.

shinoff2183130d ago

Agree. If we give them enough grief maybe they will see single player gamers ain't messing around. Give us a offline mode damn it

Lighter9130d ago

I'm going to start a private session when I play.

UnHoly_One130d ago

There is no reason to believe that is even possible. I'm guessing it won't be.

Lighter9130d ago

Wrong. I just watched a new interview with Todd Howard and he says you can.

Seriously, I've always been able to have a private session in MP games. Do you want to hate this game so bad that you'll just stuff make up?

JackBNimble130d ago

The new in thing is to hate all the big devs/publishers, yet people still buy their games and bitch about them.

RandoCommenter130d ago

I'm just not going to even play it.

T2X130d ago

Well, everyone can enjoy their principals while I enjoy games and not care.

UnHoly_One130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Who said I hated it?

I’m buying it for sure.

I just said I did not expect there to be an option to play in a private game.

Jesus, jump to conclusions much?

And I wasn’t “making stuff up”, I was just taking a guess based on what little I’ve seen so far. I even said in my post “I’m guessing”. lol

Mmmkay130d ago

Bethesda needs to show a lot more of this game if they expect people to pre order. I have lost all excitement.

jocomat9129d ago

I'm so excited. It's basically fallout 4s multiplayer that wasn't half assed and tacked on..can't wait

Christopher130d ago

Not the West Virginians who own and play on current gen machines it won't. And now they don't make online games because of this? Doesn't TESO already alienate West Virginians? It's not like Bethesda wrote the history of the vaults and thereby decided where a vault is set.

Having 70% online doesn't mean that ~30% are comprised of people who play console games. Those people also aren't using social media or the like either.

130d ago