Bethesda Teases Their First ‘Wholly-Owned’ Adventure In 25 Years

Today at Bethesda's E3 2018 conference, a new franchise was teased - Starfield.

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The 10th Rider2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

They said it's coming to next-gen. If we're already seeing some next-gen titles announced I think that pretty much confirms we'll be seeing new consoles in 2019 or 2020.

They also said ES6 is after this, so I guess we're not seeing that until 2021 at the earliest :/

It'll be interesting to see if Sony announces anything that's later than "2019" tomorrow. Their current release schedule runs out towards the end of next year and they typically announce games around 2 years in advance.

Sevir2173d ago

The fact that they announced it as a Next Generation, and the fact that Phil said MS is Deep into archecting the Next Generation XB, tells me this is a 21 release or later. Also... It's the first time I've ever been excited for a Bethesda game... Bethesda Game Studio's first new first party new IP... That's just fantastic. And it's in space, it's a chance to tell a story in a space that mass effect and Bioware's has left void. Color me excited

salmonade2173d ago

That's another thing. Why would Phil even mention a next gen console? Just showing their fans a road-map for the future years?

Magnetar2173d ago

I’m thinking next gen starts holiday 2020 and star field is in the launch window or a year later

3-4-52173d ago

Both looked next gen. Native 4k and then some.

uth112173d ago

Sony said they have plans to support PS4 through 2021. it was that same statement that made everyone think the PS5 was conning in 2021, but that's not what was said

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showtimefolks2173d ago

Ps5 is 2019 that's given no matter what anyone say and ms can't release new Xbox in 2019 when they just came out with x

So don't will have the whole next Gen market to itself

KwietStorm_BLM2173d ago

No matter what anyone says..so yourself included or?

showtimefolks2173d ago

It makes too much business sense not to. I know some don't like hearing this but being out with a next Gen console before anyone else is only a good thing for business

Xbox 360 got a year ahead start and was used as an lead console. By the time a possible next Xbox is out in 2020 ps5 will have 10-15 million lead that's huge

Launching with death stranding and ghost would be the 2 most must have games for a new console

Atleast that's the way I see things happening

techsquisite2173d ago

I don't even know why people waste time speculating. Log off and go play a game.

milohighclub2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

PlayStation will get a huge lead anyway. Ms will be lucky to sell as many boxes as they have this gen.

Ps5 is fall 2020 100%

Lets talk about business sense, I've mentioned this in multiple comments.
Sony said expect a loss of profits in March 2021.
The only way they can predict so precisely a loss of profits 3 years into the future is if they have to manufacture x million ps5 units.
March 2021 is when they will submit tax returns for the year 2020.
they won't release at the beginning of the year, as the holiday will have just passed n people will be skint.
it will be in time for the 2020 holidays to maximise sales launch sales... "Ps5 sold 20 mil first week/month"... Investors love that shit.
Also gives time to have a great launch line up. Don't expect it to be bare bones this time around.
Expect every game that launches 2019/2020 to have a day one patch for ps5.
Fall 2020.

irishyort2173d ago

People keep devaluing platform juggernauts like Microsoft, Nintendo etc Good god man, Sony is a TV company stop thinking they have the games industry all wrapped up and STFU. Cant people just enjoy gaming these days :(

milohighclub2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Wtfs ur problem?
I'm only going on Microsofts performance this gen.
Just because sony sell tvs doesn't make them a tv company. sony were a gaming company way before Microsoft. By your outlook then Microsoft is a PC company... they're certainly not a gaming company xD
No ones devaluing Nintendo, they're awesome.
I'm not claiming sony have the industry all wrapped up but they're clearly destroying the competition...
When the competition even tries to release noteworthy games that as a gamer of 30yrs i look at and think "dayum" I'll stfu.
Until then, I'll use my freedom of speech to speak my mind.

uth112173d ago

a lot depends on AMDs schedule. I think 2019 makes business sense too, but i thinj the AMD tech won't be ready before 2020

rawshack2173d ago

Not really a announcement if we all new about it. It's has been a rumour for years. Elder scroll 6 was the real announcement I didn't expect that

Bronxs152173d ago

since mass effect andromida was a flop looks like they're getting ready to make the new best space rpg?

TheOttomatic912173d ago

See ya in 5 years Starfield hope you control better than the fallout and elder scrolls games.

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2d ago

Insider claims Starfield could come to PS5 in 2025 after more Xbox games 'this holiday season'

Well regarded insider, NateTheHate, has said that more Xbox games could be coming to PS5 'this holiday season' followed by Starfield in 2025.

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ThinkThink7d ago

The latest rumor is flight simulator 2024 is heading to PS5 this year.

romulus236d ago

That would be a great game to go multiplat. I would definitely pick that one up on PS5.

OtterX6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

That would be an absolutely fantastic score for PSVR2 if they have any VR support plans! MS Flight Simulator (2020) is one of my favorite VR experiences over on PC. Not so much a game, but one hell of a VR experience!

M3talDiamond6d ago

Where is this guy I havent seen him on N4G much lately?

OtterX6d ago

@M3talDiamond - I've been around, just not as much. Fam visiting, and been helping an indie team release a game, so that took a lot of focus. Thanks for noticing! haha