What Can We Expect From Sony’s “Big Four”?

Sony discussed how this year’s E3 conference will center around AAA exclusives: Spider-Man, The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima, and Death Stranding.

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MLGecko132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Man... how did Sony already win before E3 even started? Wasn't like EA was any competition.

PressXtoBacon132d ago

because Sony doesn't charge players by the hour

MLGecko132d ago

Greatness as a service awaits!

Tross132d ago

Sony will also continue to let you own your games, and choose whether you want them physically or digitally. They're also not afraid to experiment with a wide variety of ideas, including various takes on the singleplayer formula. And yes, they aren't constantly whining that they can't justify the cost of games if there aren't MTs or some GaaS component.

finbars75132d ago

After watching MS E3 Its safe to say Sony cant blow this. MS showed basically 90% multiplatform games and a very downgraded Crackdown and there usual Gears,Halo and forza. Nothing that would make me want an Xbox if you have a PC. Lets see what Sony has to show considering there more about Exclusives then Multiplatform games.

Silly gameAr132d ago

Hey, they did show off some good 3rd party games that we all can look forward too, and I'm always ok with a new Gears game.

Jinger132d ago

Gameplay for all of their announced titles is what I'm expecting, but honestly, that's probably enough for them.

PressXtoBacon132d ago

I'm actually not sure what to expect from GoT

Rimeskeem132d ago

I am hoping a small demo at least if not showing the world

firelogic132d ago

I don't think there will be much beyond those 4 "deep dives." Sony announced it beforehand so people wouldn't go into it expecting surprises. This way you set your expectations low(?) and won't be disappointed. But let's be real, first gameplay for Death Stranding, TLoU2, and Ghost of Tsushima will be great.

I think all the big 3rd party announcements will be at MS's conference.

MLGecko132d ago

Expecting a good couple. Dreams at least

Abnor_Mal132d ago

Well who ever thought that Shadows Die Twice was Bloodborne2, sorry to disappoint. Game looks good, not very dark, have some vibrant colors.
Sony better come with some classic first party exclusives that people have been clamoring for some time.
In my opinion of course

gutteranthems132d ago

I was hoping but I'm not upset to be wrong. I'm excited to dive into some Japanese lore and Oni

Abnor_Mal132d ago

Exactly, it's not a big deal, as we know Sony have games coming soon and in the not so distant future

xX-oldboy-Xx132d ago

I don't think those people would be too disappointed, it's been the best thing shown so far (just watched Forza). What Sony classics have people been clamoring for?

Abnor_Mal132d ago

I would hope they're not too disappointed as they will still get to play the game. I'm just saying if they thought it was Bloodborne2 and it's not, that could be disappointing to them.
People have been asking for Sony classics such as Syphon Filter, Warhawk, Socom, and more that I don't feel like listing cause I'm not that type of guy, but we both know people have been asking for some Sony classics. Clamoring may be a tad much, may be may be not, but I've seen list of games as I'm darn sure you have too.
Microsoft getting Ninja Theory is major, and very good for them. I would have thought they would have aquired Bluehole Games, but damn that was a bomb drop in my opinion

xX-oldboy-Xx132d ago

Yes - people have been asking for Socom and Syphon filter, but I think more as a complement to new ips.

Been good news so far for xbox owners, but I'm not sure it's good news for Ninja Theory. It's a strange fit that's for sure.

firelogic132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

If it's first party, it won't be anything "big." Like maybe that MediEvil remake but we're not going to get a big budget Syphon Filter or the much asked about Legend of Dragoon. Unless Sony opened up a new studio no one knew about. All of their first party studios just released a game recently or are currently working on known titles.

Abnor_Mal132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

I'm not really into all the news about the video game systems, but there's a person that came back to Sony recently to a new game and studio I believe. I'm sorry but I won't go looking for links and posting to back up what I say, as I don't know how. Just saying.
Just going to have to wait and see what Sony does tomorrow. First time looking at a Microsoft conference and it was very good, dare I say "darn good". Forza Horizon looks good and the open world for a second I laughed and said it would be funny if Microsoft bought Evolution studio from how the cars were all over the place.

GNCFLYER132d ago

I'm sure they have something up their sleeves. Cant wait for new spiderman and death gameplay.
I wouldn't be disappointed without any surprises honestly, look at the year we just had and the exclusives still coming out. It's been and continues to be an amazing ride.

MLGecko132d ago

So far they have been doing everything right. The Countdown and Days Gone and focusing on these four titles. I'm sure they will mix in key third party deals and stuff like Dreams too

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