Indie Devs: You’re the problem, not Steam.

Snerdaperds lays down a hard line on game development, game reviewers, and the importance of marketing in the wake of Steam's announcement to not filter Steam titles in any way beyond their legal requirements.

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Christopher183d ago

Generalizing title. That'll totally sell a level-headed approach to this conversation.


I think the article really ends up being level-headed, despite it still being the fault of independent developers in the end. When you have 7,700 games released on Steam in one year, it's not AAA's fault you aren't getting noticed. It's your peers.

Christopher183d ago

I only question the title. As I'm certain you're well aware of, that's what people tend to focus on and not the text.

I have no problem with your overall opinion as presented, just that title is not helping it.