Sony Can Win E3 on Cruise Control This Year

Twinfinite Writes: Sony's had some big E3 shows the last few years, and they're clearly running out of ways to deliver announcement hype, but in the end that doesn't really matter.

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ArchangelMike184d ago

Unfortunately we know all too well what happens when companies rest on their laurels, and take their user base for granted. They get lazy and complacent, and that's when they start loosing the plot.

Hopefully, although Sony are in a strong position going into E3, hopefully they don't go into "cruise control" mode. I still want to see surprises, and I still want to see innovation, new game announcements and a strong gamer-centric approach.

Personally, the deep dives on their 4 major IP's will win E3 for me IF we see extended gameplay, developer insights and interviews, release dates, heck if they release a demo on PSN to coincide withthe deep dive, then it's all over. It would be total knock out for me.

dirkdady184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Totally agree these writers need to stop blowing smoke up sony's butt. I don't want Sony to get complacent.

Agent_00_Revan184d ago

I think they learned that valuable lesson during the beginning of the PS3 days, and I don't see them making that mistake again.

They may hold a couple of things back because they dont always need to unload the machine gun, but they will always strive for the best I think.

InTheLab184d ago

Sony turns into MS when they become complacent. MS killed it from 2005 to 2009 and decided that was enough to carry them through 2019, apparently.

Sony needs to do what they have always done and supply a diverse lineup of games and they will always "win" E3 and more importantly, the support of the fans that placed them in the lead.

Snookies12184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Haha, the 2 disagrees you have want Sony to become complacent? Like, what? I don't see how even the most hardcore fanboy would think that's a good thing. It's never a good thing. Ever.

starchild184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

On one hand, I'll be totally satisfied with E3 if they show us a decent amount of gameplay for Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part 2, Death Stranding and Spiderman. Those are some of my most anticipated games.

On the other hand, I don't want Sony to rest on their laurels. They have got where they are by always striving to improve the experience for gamers. I honestly think the games they've released this generation on PS4 are better than any prior generation. I want them to stay hungry and passionate so that the PS5 can be even better and offer even greater gaming experiences.

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Eonjay184d ago

Twinfinite: "Sony has the luxury of experimenting and doing things differently, whereas Microsoft really needs to come out guns blazing with a big press conference, and some huge announcements if it wants to try and close the gap."

Look Microsoft will be coming with big announcements, but not because it has the delusion of closing the 40 million unit gap which can only get wider by virtue of math. At this point, we need to disassociate E3 with Microsoft's chance to 'close the gap'.

This is the first E3 where I feel like I know what Sony is showing and therefore I am even more excited because its what I want to actually see.

OB1Biker184d ago

Also Sony has been 'experimenting and doing things differently' because they keep shaking things up and not resting on their laurels. The GOW reveal is a clear example. If anything, Ms should do the same . I think we have no idea what this PR is going to be like and that is actually cool.

Ceaser9857361184d ago

You cant expect Sony to show New games at every E3 , they will show whats coming next on the PS4 like they did last E3 and i am totally fine with it. Also Sony does attend many conferences other then E3. Sony's next New Games announcements will be PS5 Exclusives, since all the 1st party devs have released games or will release (by 2019) on the PS4 ...

sampsonon184d ago

And some people will never be happy. Sony only has so many development companies and we are near the end of this generation so not getting any new ip's wouldn't be a result of Sony resting on their laurels, but in fact it would mean that they gave us a hell of a ride this gen and we still have 4 amazing looking games to finish it off.

now excuse me while i try to kill the last bloody Valkyrie in perhaps the best game this gen....... unless? well, lol Spider Man, Death Stranding, Days Gone, Ghost Of Tsushima.... you get my point.

jeromeface184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

They have more exclusives than the other two platforms combined. Resting on laurels they have not. I'm sure sony has been paying attention to microsofts loss of marketshare in the console market and doesn't wanna repeat their mistakes.

bluefox755184d ago

They aren't though, that's kind of the point. They're killing it, and that's their cruise control, lol.

Kupa184d ago

It's all part of the process. Sony really had to fight their way back to the top when PS3 launched, and Microsoft wasn't prepared for the fight they got when they rolled out Xbox One. Fortunately, this roller coaster is good for consumers -- Sony's doubling-down on first-party titles saved the PS3 and continues to make the PS4 the best console on the market. Xbox One's disappointments have led towards probably the best subscription model around, and made them are more open to embrace backwards compatibility and cross-platform play ( even if their competitors aren't there yet). Whatever happens, consumers win.

DialgaMarine184d ago

Fair point. I can’t wait to see the big 4 kill it at the show, but I do also want at least 1 or 2 surprise megatons. Let’s go SOCOM!

UCForce184d ago

They still can suprise us, but this is more patience approach from Sony. Sony E3 2017 was a disappointing to be honest because it’s just like E3 2016 and they showed small games that no one want to pay attention to. So this year, Sony is learning mistakes by give these games like Day Gone, Tetris Effect and Twin Mirrors to have spotlight before Sony E3 2018 begin. I think Sony want us to keep our expectations in check.

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chrisx184d ago

Sony has practically been on cruise control all gen this gen, thanks to Microsofts constant foot shootings. e3 this year will be no different, most of what will be talked about are Ps4 games.

LOCO209184d ago

Yeah they got a lap or two ahead and then hit that Cruise control for the rest. But still in it to win it and that cruise control is set at full speed ahead.

Tigerblud184d ago

Sony has been on fire this year. God of War, Detroit, and Spiderman all in the same year.

WickedLester183d ago

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your post but you make it sound as if Sony hasn't done a good job this generation. I don't see how any rational gamer can say that with a straight face.

chrisx183d ago

What I simply mean is that ms has made things for sony very easy and straightforward this gen

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madhouse02184d ago

I think if their games make a big splash then yeah... doesn't matter if we don't have the surprises. I don't see any other games making as big a noise with the exception of Cyberpunk.

corroios184d ago

Showing gameplay from amazing new games its always a win/win situation. Gamers want to see the evolution from the next blockbuster, well except when they are being delayed year after year.

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