Ubisoft Believes Next Gen is the Last for Consoles as Microsoft Looks Beyond Platforms

Microsoft recently told Variety that gaming is becoming increasingly about having your favorite games available on any device you own. Ubisoft co-founder and CEO Yves Guillemot said he believes game consoles only have one more generation left in them before they fade away to be replaced completely by the ability to stream games to a multitude of platform-agnostic devices.

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chrisx137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

I rem hearing stuff like this last gen. next gen can't be the last for consoles. doesn't make any sense.

gangsta_red137d ago

It makes a lot of sense. Look how far we have come with streaming and other similar services.

This type of hardware itself is only getting more expensive on release and then they become outdated in a short period of time.

It's definitely a possibility that next gen could be the last we see of consoles.

chrisx137d ago

Yea for xbox with their gaas and clouds future. Definitely not Sony and ninty.

KTF26136d ago

tried it on Gigabit Ethernet and I can feel the latency

gamer7804136d ago

streaming has come far, but it will never surpass a native experience with technology as we know it or even see it to be going towards. Once again pure speculation on the part of Ubisoft.

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Omnisonne136d ago

Maybe somewhere in the future but not next gen. Most people have either limited or below average internet, if they rely solely on digital media and streaming they'll cut out a huge portion of their player base.

Skull521136d ago

It definitely could be and the rewards of doing it first could be well worth it. Not having to buy new hardware every 4-8 years and getting an upgraded hardware experience every time it is available with the cost of a low monthly subscription is an incredible selling point, provided it works well.

If I never had to assemble another gaming PC but was always able to play the games on max settings through a good service I’d do it for sure, I’d have no problem leaving the hardware aspect behind.

Army_of_Darkness136d ago

Didn't they say that last gen?? Lmfao!... Btw, console generation cycles don't end until Sony and Nintendo says so 😉

Prettygoodgamer136d ago

Next gen will be the last we see of MS consoles probably yes but not the others.

starchild136d ago

With the data caps most internet service providers have now I don't see game streaming as being a dominant method of gaming. I think dedicated individual hardware is going to be around for a long time to come.

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Smokingunz136d ago

If the ps4 and switch wasn't selling well I'd believe u. The only thing that's going to happen is that consoles will become digital only. As long as their are pcs around and consoles continue to sell there will always. be consoles around. Microsoft is just making an excuse because they arent doing well.

Lets just say consoles did go all streaming, Microsoft still wouldn't well there either because they have no games lol so what will they say next? Oh people are losing intest in video games lol

yomfweeee136d ago

PS4 was cheaper than last gen and it will have a longer lifespan. So, what in the world are you talking about?

letsa_go136d ago

Wow congrats, you described every console ever!

FinalFantasyFanatic136d ago

Not going to happen, and if it did, I'd just go all in on PC, gotta get the Sony/Nintendo consoles for the exclusives.

TheUndertaker85136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

@chrisx: Is that why the Nintendo Switch version of Resident Evil 7 is completely cloud based?

Is that also why Sony is pushing services like PlayStation Now, PlayStation Vue, and other streaming alternatives? Also why video content on PS4 is all streamed rather than downloaded?

But yeah, definitely not Ninty and Sony. /s

PS4 depends on streamed content more than any other console period. Streaming services that offer zero alternative to store the content and which in many cases must be purchased again regardless of purchase status via PSN.

You buy a title via PSN and if you want to play it on PS4 that requires a new purchase. Ironically when Sony attempted championing “Cross Buy” starting with PS3. Then that content is streamed to your console via PS Now with no download option.

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chiefJohn117136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

The funny thing about the replies is that Sony's the one with the streaming service already, not Ms lol. #StayBlind😎

morganfell136d ago

Isn't this gamer doomsday due to hit the day after phones kill off consoles?

UltraNova136d ago


Consoles are dead cause MS/Ubi says so? On what console market share, public perception authority is this statement based up on? Does Xbox/MS (with their GaaS/online plans)have a single shread of influence on the console market right now or in the foreseeable future, to even warrant a serious discussion on how they, of all people in this business, will dictate the future of console gaming? I mean really?

As of right now and at least next gen, nothing MS does can or will steer the console market if Sony and Nintendo doesnt say so.

ILostMyMind136d ago

You must love PS Now, right?

Tapani136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Actually, it is the opposite. The speed of technological advancements in both CPUs and GPUs has slowed down significantly since 2012 or so. This would enable hardware manufactures to enter longer cycles, just as with PS3 and PS4. They can also release Pro and X type of incremental updates which use the same ecosystem to earn higher profits and cut costs.

That being said, I do believe that streaming, VR/AR and GaaS will become finally relevant with 5G. However, the internet infrastructure is still not there for hundreds of millions of gamers to play at the same time on smart devices, consoles, PCs and directly from TVs. PS5 Pro might really be one of the last traditional consoles to hit the markets from Sony. We are already in the future, although it is just getting started.

UCForce136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

@chiefjohn117 True, but that never Sony primary focus. So yeah, you are the one who blinded here. Microsoft focus way too much on Gaas.

I_am_Batman136d ago

Even if we get to lossless instant serverside processing and an infrastructure where the vast majority of the worlds gaming population has the required bandwidth to use such a service there will still be an increase in latency compared to local processing. The visible lag will be twice as bad because with local processing the console/PC renders the frame as fast as possible and then compares it to the server side calculations and corrects for it if needed. And that's the absolute best case scenario. So at the very least you'll always have a ping with single player games like you now have with multipayer games. You simply can't transmit a signal faster than the speed of light.

Not to mention that a service like this will either be either a subscription model or a cost/playtime model both of which aren't a great option for a lot of gamers. The always online requirement doesn't help.

I have no doubt that we'll see more of these types of services in the future and they might even overtake the majority of gaming at some point but I doubt that they'll replace traditional gaming consoles/PCs anytime soon if ever.

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fiveby9136d ago

I am skeptical as well of the whole industry moving to game streaming. But I do wonder where 5G wireless lead us. Supposedly 5G is very low latency as it'll be important for the adoption of autonomous vehicles. Perhaps that would enable game streaming better than is available today? I have also tried game streaming on my fiber connection at home. It works very well. Certain types of games are more susceptible to the unpredictable latency though. But the vision they describe is at least 10 years off if not more.

mechlord136d ago


Im sorry but youre an idiot if you cant see why MS is riding this wave and if you believe infrastructure is anywhere close to support this.

badz149136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

why is Ubisoft making up their minds regarding next gen based on the platform that is selling the least unit this gen?

Antifan136d ago

Honestly, I'll quit gaming or game on pc if that happens. I want to own every game I buy. I don't want to 'rent' games through a streaming service, and I think most gamers feel this way.
It has absolutely no benefits for the consumer, and MS& Ubi gets all the benefits.
MS tried this shit from the start, with their digital only future to control what we play and how we play them, but when that failed, they're pushing a new scam.

gangsta_red136d ago


Where exactly did I even say that MS influences the market and steers the direction of where it goes?

My whole point and what a lot of you seem to be missing is that ALL companies are steering this way. ALL companies have similar to exactly the same goals.

Look at the similarities in both Xbox and PlayStation console. The services they provide even Nintendo is now offering a paid online service with similar services to Sony and MS.

You truly believe that if Sony, MS or Nintendo can offer a service without a dedicated hardware box or something similar along the lines of say Chromestick or Apple TV they won't do this?

It has nothing to do with how much hardware is being sold NOW, it's about preparing for a future. And all media companies are preparing for this future now.

I keep reading that the world isn't ready for streaming games but if that were the case why would Sony and MS sink money and time building this if they didn't think this was valuable?

These guys didn't get to where they are now building these types of services on a whim, they look at trends, analytics and definite knowledge of what is ahead down the road 15 + years from now.


I can't see MS riding the wave? Lmao

I literally commented that MS is doing this.

Cobra951136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

"Honestly, I'll quit gaming or game on pc if that happens. I want to own every game I buy. I don't want to 'rent' games through a streaming service, and I think most gamers feel this way.
It has absolutely no benefits for the consumer, and MS& Ubi gets all the benefits.
MS tried this shit from the start, with their digital only future to control what we play and how we play them, but when that failed, they're pushing a new scam."

That is just about a perfect statement, Antifan. I can't improve on it. I'll just add that if MS do try to take the Windows environment into "the cloud", most of us who care about gaming and ownership will simply hang back with what we're already using. Windows 7 is still popular, and there's a good reason for that.

Edit: gangsta_red, all companies have multiple coals in the fire, diverse future-facing investments. What succeeds remains; everything else is either a loss, or gets leveraged into something else. And what succeeds is more up to us than to them. Remember what Xbox One was going to be, and what it actually became. We decided the initial version was not acceptable, and away it went.

frostypants136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

@gangsta_red: "Look how far we have come with streaming and other similar services. "

Look how far we haven't. All the current services prove is that while streaming is OK, there are latency issues that are not surmountable in the near term, and even if they were surmountable, we'd be entirely reliant on the ISPs to solve them, not hardware/software developers. Microsoft is going to dive into a niche that's the size of a puddle.

rainslacker136d ago

We haven't come that far with streaming services in gaming. It's still not widely accepted as a viable form by most people, and it isn't practical in an application level to a large amount of the market. While it'll get better over time, it's still a ways off for next gen to be the last

pinkcrocodile75136d ago

@chrisx MS may lead the charge possibly but you're an idiot of you don't think that Sony and Ninty will not go down this route. This is where we are heading technology wise, so you better catch up and get with the program dude, because whether you like it or not, this is going to happen sooner or later.

If the next gen is in lets say 3 years and adding another 4 - 6 years for the next generation, then we are looking at 7 - 9 years from now.

So, lets call it 10 for a nice round figure. Do you honestly think that in 10 years we won't have the technology or infrastructure for this?

Think about it?

uth11136d ago

people have been saying this. But I don't see a huge demand for services such as PS Now.

if anything, people avoid these things because of cost or latency.

ane latency is a problem that can't be solved. it may be small, but it will still be enough for many gamers to notice

indysurfn136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Heck they said this back in PS2 days! In order for other devices to take over they have to be able to do NEXT generation level graphics on the side! I don't know anything that will be able to do next generation on the side except for a even more expensive PC.

UBI soft keesp getting negative points. Keep it up and they will be in EA or Microsoft territory with console gamers.

3-4-5136d ago

Internet and all digital isn't reliable and when it fails, you can't do anything about it.

If My internet goes out, I can still play a ton of my single player, physical copy games

Artemidorus135d ago

If that's the case then technology might as well shut down.

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IamTylerDurden1137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Maybe for Microsoft but Sony will definitely continue to support consoles. I also see Nintendo supporting hardware as they are not very adept with their online infrastructure. Whether Nintendo goes strictly handheld or not they will continue to support hardware.

Obviously Microsoft is looking to transition because of Windows. They are also badly losing the console war this gen and i imagine the R&D for the XB1 X wasn't pretty. People expected the X to launch some sort of comeback, but it just hasn't at all. I'm sure hardware development costs and slumping sales have expedited Microsoft's move to an entirely service based company.

Microsoft has Windows, but Nintendo and Sony don't have anything similar. It just wouldn't make sense for those two to rapidly transition out of the console business. Especially since they are both running the game right now and making piles of money.

136d ago
Gh05t136d ago


You must not purchase MS OSs for businesses if you think they don't make money off their OSs anymore.

136d ago
FinalFantasyFanatic136d ago

I could see Microsoft leaving the hardware space (not anytime soon), that way they wouldn't have to bother doing R&D on hardware and marketing a console. But for this to work, Windows Store would really have to take off or they would need most people to migrate to Live on Windows. I think that's a pretty big ask of consumers at the moment.

zerocarnage136d ago

nintendo have recently introduced there online service abit ago so to me it suggests as though nintendo themselves are also looking to move forward. There online infrastructure maybe basic at the moment compared to Sony and Microsoft but watch out that will grow eventually into something alot bigger, its a space to watch as that service they have evolves over the next decade to get accustomed to all that will be available and new in a decade or so from now.

And it's not transitioning out of the console business as you think it is. Devices would still be being made just that they will require less parts and the amount of devices available will be more widely made. It scertainly sounds like it will be down to choice and preference rather than oh that console is more powerful, its oh thats more about design and oh this device is pure see through glass while that one is made of carbon.

Gh05t136d ago


Your time table is way off. The Windows 365 and virtualization although good is still in its infancy and far from being accepted or adopted in a large scale environment (Most companies are still on Windows 7 and the ones who have moved to 10 are not looking to make another move). Most large companies are not going to just rip all their on prem servers out of the racks and trust MS to manage their SQL servers full of private company information. Not to mention bandwidth of businesses that make database calls all day long internally would be astronomical. Even storing the data in Azure or AWS was going to cost my company thousands more than just buying the server and storing it at an offsite facility. The cloud is great but its nowhere near medium to large scale enterprise prime time, especially not 3 years out. Companies that already have VDI are still hosting that with on prem equipment and I dont really ever see that changing unless something revolutionary happens.

Basically companies will use SaaS (like Exchange online) way before they will trust another company to do IaaS (like hosting VDI off prem). Especially since most large companies develop their own internal software having that hosted and working in remote dev environments is not ideal.

Atanasrikard136d ago

Actually, only fanboys expected the X to launch a comeback. Even Microsoft didn't expect the X to outsell the S.

Rippcity136d ago


I'm sorry but I completely disagree with you here. Being part of a mid sized company (around 15k or so people), we just started the process to move all of our data into the cloud and by no means are we an industry leader. Since the company is heavily reliant on technology, it's the only way for us to stay financially competitive. We spend so much money maintaining our on prem servers that we'll save billions moving our data into the cloud. Not to mention all the other benefits like scaling and availability.
Now I'm not saying this entirely applies to gaming yet but I definitely think that game streaming services are going to be much more relevant in the near future. The monetary savings alone are going to push that technology forward. I know most people think PS Now and Vue are not great but as the technology moves forward, these services are going to become increasingly better and more relevant.

rainslacker136d ago

Windows isn't a small piece of the pie. It's just hard for businesses, and even most consumers, to justify having to continue paying for updates. This is becoming even more true, when the vast majority of pcs and even Windows, are more than capable of running software for much longer than we saw about 20 years ago.

Forcing, or having Windows on the cloud changes things for me, because now they can make it into a subscription model, and with the transition they can push the Windows store market when they make Windows a more closed system than before. They want that because Apple and Google are making tons of money off it, and not doing anywhere close to what ms does on the backend in terms of support.

That future will come in some way over the next 20 years though. Ms would be completely idiotic to just make it happen in the next ten, and not do it in baby steps to get people accustomed to stuff until the people.realize they actually have something they don't like that much.

Same goes with consoles. Pubs and console makers may want all this control, but if they force it to much and too fast, people will push back. See the start of this gen for reference.

But if you look at how things are going this gen, or even last, you see smaller more consumer palatable "features" or services which require these same things, and that's how you get stuff like that done.

Steam for instance wasn't instantly loved on pc. But they made a consumer friendly service which people liked, and now pc is mostly all digital. But pc is a market where resale was never a big thing. If resale wasn't a big thing on consoles, you would probably see more digital buyers

pinkcrocodile75136d ago

@rippcity I agree with you 100%.

PUBG136d ago


The only console manufacturer with a streaming service is Sony, so what the hell are you talking about when you you say that only Microsoft will focus on streaming? Use some common sense!

agent4532135d ago

Sony can fix PS Now which is available on Windows. Yes, I am fully aware PS Now is expensive, laggy, has lots of bugs, and a small library. It can fix all of that and make it better and cheaper. We could also see tv apps of Sony and Nintendo. Look what comes out of the box of smart tvs:

USB ports
HDMI ports
Built-in CPU
Built-in Wi-Fi/DSL

Free access to multimedia apps like Netflix

Voice commands
VR ready

Really, a PSN app or Nintendo app is the right way to go. ...

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gangsta_red137d ago

For all consoles, Sony and Nintendo and you would be wrong to just think MS is the only one that may do it.

We have already read Kodera talk about a shift in focus when consoles become less profitable in the later years, he has also stated they will start to investigate GaaS, Sony are still going all in with PSNow. Sony has basically followed the trends with other media/entertainment companies. I can see them as well as MS start to offer an alternative to dedicated hardware that won't be costly and have to be upgraded or need revisions (slims).

Nintendo has already moved away from consoles in the traditional sense and have found success with a mobile hybrid device and some of the games releasing for it seem to be available digital only, plus we are seeing Capcom test RE7 for Switch cloud available only.

I can see Nintendo being the first to not have a console the way we know it, especially when they follow their own path.

It's definitely coming and we can see the foundation today being laid down for the future.

deadfrag137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

BS we still dont have internet infrastructures worldwide that allows people to play streaming games with an acceptable input lag today and we will not reach that in the next 15-20 years and lets not start taking about internet caps from providers...If Nintendo,SONY or Microsoft go this way they will lose many gamers and lots of money.Consoles will be among us for the next 50 years minimum.

gangsta_red137d ago

"BS we still dont have internet infrastructures worldwide"

We do in the places that these consoles sell the most and do the most business in. Look how far we have come in just these last few years. I believe in another 10-15 (after the release of next gen consoles) this infrastructure will be feasible.

ShottyatLaw136d ago

The Capcom point is the interesting one. Also look at EA's cloud investment. What happens when 3rd parties can deliver their titles without worrying about royalties to console manufacturers?

MS and Sony and even Nintendo know this is coming. The question then becomes - who survives and how do you do it?

IamTylerDurden1136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Sony follows trends? Not so much in gaming. They announced PS Now well before the other gaming services. Heck, they started PS+ and one could argue that was the beginning. They are still the only console manufacturer to support VR. DVD, Blu ray, PS4 Pro. They did it first. They even pushed stereoscopic 3D when Microsoft and Nintendo ignored it. Sony's Dr Richard Marks actually discovered the tech behind Kinect well before Microsoft.

Sony said they will continue with traditional console cycles. They will not abandon hardware any time soon. PS5 will still be disc based yet you think the generation after will just eliminate consoles all together? C'mon. Microsoft is pushing this narrative, but Sony is a very different company with a pedigree in hardware manufacturing. It makes sense for MS, not Sony.

gangsta_red136d ago


You're not really disproving any of the points this article or I made.

If anything you're only proving that perhaps Sony is spear heading this movement away from consoles.

kneon136d ago


EA can build all the cloud services they want, but you still need some device on the other end to connect to that service. So you're going to connect with a PC or a console. I can't see the TV manufacturers getting on board to build that in unless their net costs were near zero. Maybe Sony would do it to allow access to PS Now, but if each publisher goes their own way then they are DOA in the TV market.

136d ago
FinalFantasyFanatic136d ago


You should see the disaster that is the Australian NBN, this crap really cant do well here since we can't build a decent telecom infrastructure. We should have gone with Labor's Fibre Optic plan and just spread the network out over time with the money the network makes back after it pays for itself.

I present the evidence:

What a wasted opportunity.

UCForce136d ago

But do you really think the Gaas is the perfect future ? You are literally blinded with the word called “perfection”.

ShottyatLaw136d ago


Like the hundreds of streaming apps already available on TVs?

kneon136d ago


Streaming apps are much simpler than game streaming. There is no latency issue with watching a movie and no need for external controllers. In additional to building TVs with more processing power, the manufacturers would also either have to design their own game controllers for their TV, or add in support for third party controllers. Either option means added ongoing costs in terms of support and maintenance. That just may not be worth it given that only a minority of consumers will care.

ShottyatLaw136d ago

@ Kneon

Oh, my mistake. It seemed to work fine for Sony until, you know, business reasons caused them to pull it off of TVs. You might want to tell EA this before that Gamefly check clears.

“Cloud gaming is an exciting frontier that will help us to give even more players the ability to experience games on any device from anywhere,” said Ken Moss, Chief Technology Officer of Electronic Arts"

alb1899136d ago

gangsta_red, if they say that next gen will be the last, then they are talking about 10 or 8 years from now, so stop talking about what we have now to predict the future.

gangsta_red136d ago


Thanks for pointing that out. Might want to re-read my comments again though. Slowly and more carefully.

agent4532135d ago

Thank you, most gamers are stuck in the past. They completely ignore PS Now, NVIDIA portable device, the capabilities of smart tvs, etc. Glad to see I am not the only one that sees what is going on

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DarkVoyager137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

“Ubisoft Believes Next Gen is the Last for Consoles as Microsoft Looks Beyond Platforms“

Good for Microsoft. I’m sure Sony will continue to support consoles. They winning the race for a reason.

Microsoft’s just looking for a way out since Xbox is becoming irrelevant in the console market.

S2Killinit136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

I wouldnt be suprised if MS was the end of consoles. They have no loyalty to the console habitat, they wont even commit to making games, they resort to buying exclusivity more often than not. Their every step has been to move away from consoles. Its no suprise to me. Ive been saying it for ages.

NatFanBoyRestricted136d ago

Playstation Now, doesn't make any sense

UCForce136d ago

But it’s never their primary focus.

Aceman18136d ago

What about if net neutrality is fully repealed, and ISP can start charging crazy amounts of $$$ for use of their service will you be happy then with full streaming service then?

I know I'm not so I'm happy sticking to playing my games on consoles. Unless it can be guaranteed that we won't get rimmed price wise I don't see all us being full streaming for quite some time.

LSSj3Yagami136d ago

Xbox maybe, Nintendo is bouncing back but in a drought, if they screw up again next time it could be their last. Sony? No way. They're even considering the portable market again so it's an asinine thought that they'll stop any time soon.

nucky64136d ago

heard this during ps2........heard this during hearing this during ps4 and will probably hear it during the ps5 era. after ps5, well see where things stand, but there's going to be gaming on consoles for years to come and i don't see it ending any time soon.