Fortnite Battle Royale May Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Rumors about the release of Fortnite for Nintendo Switch has been popping out from left to right. Although there is no solid evidence about the rumors before, now we have some new hints about the coming of Fortnite to Switch.

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Kumakai132d ago

well... considering i can play it in 4k(d) 60fps on One X, I don't think this will be a reason to dust my Switch off just yet.

Shiken132d ago

But can you play it with conventional controls on the go?

Davidgr2132d ago

But can you play it without having a smartphone next to you so u can use party chat?

Shiken132d ago


As a matter of fact I can. I can play on my PS4 Pro at home or on my Switch on the go.

Why limit myself due to foolish fanboy delusions?

Davidgr2132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Fanboy? I love all 3 platforms but u were implying that the Switch’s version is better than Xbox One X. Party chat on Switch is a freaking mess since u have to use an app on ur phone and only Splatoon 2 is compatible.

Shiken132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Party chat on Switch is a mess, never said it was not. Does not change the fact that Switch is still the best way to play on the go.

Also I never said nor implied that, "Switch version is better than X1". I simply replied to someone who tried to say that the Switch version is pointless due to the X1X version, and proved him horribly wrong.

Trying to put words in my mouth only makes you more suspect lol.

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