8-year-old gamer joins esports team, receives $33K signing bonus

Eight-year-old Joseph Deen is about to become one of the youngest esports players in the world. Joseph, who is now known as 33 Gosu, is joining Team 33.

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Snookies1254d ago

Of course it's Fortnite haha.

53d ago
Rambokind53d ago

I rather he read classic books and learned a new language.

NovusTerminus53d ago

Nothing is stopping him from continuing studying or learning even though he does this, and is highly encouraged among youth talents.

ssj2753d ago

So been able to play fortnite is a talent lol

NovusTerminus53d ago

He was signed to an eSports team, which is a talent based agency... So yes, playing games at a high profitable level that can garner the prospect of winning tournaments for cash prized is in fact a talent.

As to if the kid ACTUALLY is worth the money, or if he can preform under pressure of tournament stadium play is yet to be seen I guess.

xTonyMontana52d ago

Esport teams don't recruit people based on their ability though, it's marketability. Good luck to him though.

Shuckylad53d ago

Up to his parents to guide him on what he does until he makes his own choices. If the kid is a happy one then really that’s all that matters. Just my opinion.

StoneyYoshi53d ago

I'd be one proud ass dad if this was my kid!

Christopher53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Armchair parenting. As if we know how educated he is or how he performs in education in addition to his gaming skills.

specialguest52d ago

Lol they are one of the most annoying self-righteous people. They speak as if they are the parental authority on how to raise a child

NotoriousWhiz52d ago

From my observations, most people who are really good at games are also very smart.

isarai53d ago

So you wouldn't nurture your kids talents and instead force your ideas onto them. The kid just made 33k, if that's not a legit practice i don't know what is. He's making money doing what he likes, that's all i would want for my kid.

JackBNimble53d ago

Are you telling me you don't or won't influence your children with your values?
One thing is for certain, if this kid fails at life because he thinks he's a bigshot video game star , who are they going to blame ?
I see it on N4G all the time ... " blame the parents " .

GamerBeast198253d ago

Yeah but this is the age of the internet kids hell in 20 years wars will be played out on screens with avatars as none of the young ones would have the skills or balls to do real battle haha .

WeAreLegion52d ago

You're telling me it would be a bad thing if wars were fought digitally, instead of people dying?

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Ninte53d ago

Lucky my nephew is around his age and spends hours at the skate park with his scooter but he does play the game some time but he rather be outdoors.

Christopher53d ago

Very lucky. Your nephew does what he likes and so does this kid.

53d ago
Tiqila52d ago

I guess if your 8 years old nephew likes to chain smoke cigarettes you would say: "he is happy so I'm lucky"

WeAreLegion52d ago

It's weird that you consider yourself lucky for that.

Both indoors and outdoors are awesome.

AspiringProGenji52d ago

And this kid can do all of that and has more money than your nephew to boot.

MetroidFREAK2153d ago

So glad I didn't grow up on Fortnite, but I guess good for the kid

SyntheticForm53d ago

I'm so glad I didn't grow up in the age of social media. I was grown long before all this crap. Am I an actual boomer? No. Do I mind being called one? Nope.

Christopher53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Sheesh. The comments here are such edgelord material. Sound like the adults who wanted to ban rock music in the 60s.

FinalFantasyFanatic52d ago

I still think the 80s and 90s were the best time to grow up in, the 00s were okay too.

Knightofelemia53d ago

Lucky kid I wonder if his parents will show him the right way to spend the money and save the money. Just hope he doesn't have asshole parents that spend the money behind his back.

Christopher53d ago

This is my biggest concern.

phoenixwing52d ago

hopefully his parents are doing okay money wise and save his money for college or a bank account for when he turns 18

FinalFantasyFanatic52d ago

Most people are financially illiterate, I wouldn't be surprised if the money gets wasted, whether it's the parents or the kid.

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