Banjo Remake Would Be An Easy E3 Win for Xbox

Will a Banjo Remake help to give the Xbox brand some positive mindshare amongst the hardcore? Craig takes a look.

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Goldby161d ago

If it builds in MT like ever other remaster remake that ms has released it will fail hard

IamTylerDurden1161d ago

Let's just hope Microsoft doesn't treat the IP like they did Phantom Dust. That entire Phantom Dust Remake situation was a mess. It was sad actually. The end result was abhorrent.

bouzebbal160d ago

this game aged so bad, i think a remake would be laughable.
i played it not long ago and i was shocked at how bad the controls were.
Jet Force Gemini was also another massive hit for the N64.
i could barely play it more than 2 min on Rare Replay, either a full scale remake or nothing.

conanlifts160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

? I don't remember microtransactions in halo MCC or gears of war remake. Plus microtransactions in games like gears 4 and Halo 5 have little impact on the game so no real issue with these sort of transactions, especially whe it means cancelling the need for a season pass. My biggest issue with gears was the season pass turned out to be worthless and pointless as the model wasn't clear. They should have added bonus story content as part of the season pass.

But the microtransactions included by MS are no different to those found in Uncharted or TLOU and are mostly cosmetic or can be earned in game.

coolbeans160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Partially correct. Gears of War Ultimate actually did have a plethora of MT's attached to it. You can actually find a Deluxe Version of GOW Ultimate on Xbox storefront.

conanlifts160d ago

@coolbeans. Thanks. I don't remember the MT in gears ultimate, though I barely played the MP mode. I still play gears 4 and am aware of the MT's in that, which can be all be earnt in game anyway. At launch the rate of earning coins was atrocious but this has been fixed now.

ClanPsi1160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

All MTs are an issue, because that's content being locked behind a pay wall. People who are okay with MTs are cancer.

Geoff900160d ago

So after paying for a game, you are okay with the companies trying to make more money off of you by adding MT's for items that should be given to you as a reward for playing a game?

conanlifts160d ago

@Geoff900, clanpsi1.

I have no issue with mt's when you can earn the items in game. If people are crazy enough to buy them its up to them. Personally i have never spent money on microtransactions and never will.

Rippcity160d ago

The model has changed and MT are here to stay which, to me, is totally fine. Before this, a game would come out and that's it. Now, a game comes out, is constantly updated and new content/patches are added which enhance the game and give it additional longevity. If devs want to lock some cosmetics behind a pay wall that's perfectly acceptable because now devs have the added responsibility of maintaining their games after release. For the people that don't want to support it, they simply just have to not buy them. It's just about being smart. Sure, boycott a game that implements a pay to win MT model. I get that. But for all the devs adding cosmetics and other unnecessary stuff behind a pay wall, I say let 'em do what they want.

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Tobse160d ago

Which ms remaster has MT?

Tobse160d ago

That is a free to play game, ms is so evil

Goldby160d ago

They added MT into a game that didn't have it originally. Doesn't matter if its free to play. They add mt into games that don't need it or required it for the original.

Tobse159d ago

The original was a full priced game. They need to make money some way dont they?

Oh no you right, ms is the devil of Gaming. How dare they release this game for free, much rather would pay 60$ for it without MT

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Septic161d ago

A remake wouldn't cut it. A new entry in the Banjo series would help...assuming it looked good of course.

Gaming_1st160d ago

Can't believe i'm saying this, but i agree. I mean this would be good news for long time fans. But, if youre hanging your hat on this....Ouch!

Eidolon160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Wouldn't be a "win", though, get serious. It's like saying Banjo Kazooie will save their E3 and future. Of course it's a good thing, but a win, if any positive thing is a win, sure. It's more niche now, targetting the 90s generations, and 20 years later, i can't see them investing in it over a new IP or service, I mean, do you really think the outcome would be all that great?

Teflon02160d ago

Well all ms games release on pc now. I'd definitely buy on pc without hesitation. I still wish rare replay was on pc for the banjo games, conker and kameo

rainslacker160d ago

It'd be better than what they've been doing the past couple years at least. A win though....not in the least. Game has a cult following, but it isn't as high a profile game as some make it out to be.

If they could do a remake on the level of R&C then they could likely have a stellar new ip to eventually milk dry like their other staples, but I can't see them investing in that given how they admitted they want games with a 1-2 year content plan.

Frinker160d ago

I think a remake like what Activision are doing with Crash and Spyro would be great re-entry point for old fans and accessible for newcomers. Then they can do a true sequel after

The_Hooligan160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

What if its like the Crash remake/remastered? I think that would be good too. Btw I get confused on what is considered a remake and what is considered a remaster. Crash and the new Spyro would be a remake or a remaster?

Alucard_420160d ago

It's a remake, remastered they wouldn't temper with the code but they would polish the game, remake they change everything to make it all look better, so new coding ect.

The_Hooligan158d ago

@ Alucard
Thanks for the info brother.

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purple101161d ago

I'm not even going to bother reading this article this was the funniest headline I have ever seen, it made my day It really did.
Spider-Man will be the biggest selling game of this generation most likely and do you realise suckerpunch for Ghost of tsushima ammo capping real horses and you propose a remake with childish tendencies should win E3 outright and overall.. Muaahah mauaha.

"one does not simply put out a remade platformer, and win an E3"

Everybody knows Xbox is finished even if they do put out a really nice good new Halo and it has great gameplay they still are so far behind Sony and even Nintendo rivaling them for sales now, they simply don't have the studios in their pocket to ever catch up

DarXyde160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

I'm very confident Spider-Man will be outsold by Red Dead Redemption 2. Not just because it's multiplatform, but it's one of Rockstar's two war potential IPs.

EDIT: I should add, I'm assuming Rockstar won't do something anti-consumer. While I would vastly prefer Spider-Man, the world seems to stop when Rockstar has something to say.

showtimefolks160d ago


While I agree keep in mind marvel has never been bigger or hotter so you never know. It would shock me if any game outsells rdr2. So it's a tall task for an exclusives selling on one platform to outsell something that will be available on Xbox one and down the road pc

But Spiderman will sell very well and help move a lot of consoles. It's one of the biggest games that will attract kids and parents during holiday season

Ciporta1980160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

They are already doing something anti-consumer with the pre order bonuses. Pre order red dead 2 and get in game currency for GTA online? Really?

DarXyde160d ago


Oh, I don't doubt for a moment that Spider-Man will do well. It's going to be wildly successful. But Red Dead Redemption successful? I don't see it. As gamers, I would say we on the internet are among the minority of being informed. It wouldn't surprise me if people look at it once it drops and pass on it because Web of Shadows wasn't great. I would be pleasantly surprised if people made the connection that Insomniac is making it. I argue that most won't.

Developers seem to live in fear of releasing games at the same time as huge hits. Among them, GTA and RDR.

I'd love to revisit this conversation when the time is right. You are absolutely correct that Spider-Man is releasing while the iron is hot. I just don't see it holding its own to Red Dead Redemption. Critically, I'm sure I'll like Spider-Man more. I never really cared for Rockstar games the way other people do and that's fine. I'm in a very small minority there. But that's just how I feel. Commercially, Red Dead Redemption 2 will undoubtedly be a monster.

Profchaos160d ago

I want both plus spyro this year but read dead gets priority

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conanlifts160d ago

Do you think spiderman will outsell TLOU 2 ? It will be interesting to see if it beats god of war or TLOU 2 when that is finally released, especially in the long term as far as PS4 exclusives go. Also to be the biggest selling game this gen as far as console exclusives sit it would need to surpass Super Mario Odyssey which is above 10 million I think. But overall as a multiplatform title possibly PUBG which is around 40million. There might be others if GTA V is included, though that is both current and previous gen.

My guess for biggest selling game this gen is RDR 2, but that is multiplatform.

The moral of the story though is that unfortunately as you mention no Xbox exclusives will make a dent in sales against PS4 exclusives.

Tobse160d ago

Some people just like gameplay, others like to let the game play itself

AspiringProGenji160d ago

Some people like diversity (and no game even with the least gameplay play itself anyways), others are so deceived by the lack of diversity in their catalog that any game that is different is underestimated

showtimefolks160d ago


Better to have options bro rather than no options. Diversity is the reason one console is 80 million and the other 30-32 million

So we know which one is going what right

RedDevils160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Nail isn't that what you have been doing the whole generation watching others play lol the irony

Tobse160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Scripted games with washed down gameplay < fun gameplay / freedom

All day every day. Im just not into games that Interrupt all the time for walky talky sections and cutscenes. Games where you cant always play how you would want to, but rather the game dictating if you are allowed to run or have to walk slowly


Arent 90% of PlayStation exclusives Action Adventures?

Goldby160d ago

Which games have wash down gameplay?

Tobse160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Just look at the new god of War. If the combat gets any more Basic they only need two Buttons


check out this god of war combat

vs state of decay 2

also some sea of thieves

"Just look at the new god of War. If the combat gets any more Basic they only need two Buttons"
Which do you think has the basic combat?

Tobse159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

One is a hack and slash Kinda title , one is survival and one is a Pirate game. Guess which one needs the best fighting System? Sod2 base building has more features than god of War overall but what do I know. Sot is a half assed game. Dunno why you bring it up.

Compare it to dmc, bayonetta or Heck even ninja gaiden. Since you like YouTube :

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Prince_TFK160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

“Spider-Man will be the biggest selling game of this generation“

I love the enthusiasm, but no, it’ll be lucky to reach even half of what RDR2 or the new Pokemon will sell.

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FallenAngel1984161d ago

There’s already a remaster of Banjo on XBLA that’s on 360 and also offered on Rare Replay. I don’t think Microsoft would triple/quadruple dip on that title

WitcheRivia160d ago

A remaster isn't a remake.

FallenAngel1984160d ago

I never said those are the same concepts.

I’m saying that with so many different ways for Xbox gamers to play Banjo-Kazooie, it doesn’t seem likely that Microsoft would ever do a full on remake for it. Not only that but the relatively low sales of Rare Replay shows that such an endeavor wouldn’t even be that lucrative and rewarding for Microsoft.

Besides that if Xbox gamers ever wanted to play a modern Banio-Kazooie-like title they can already play Yookah-Laylee. It’s a lot better than whatever other title modernday Rare could ever produce even though it has a lot of flaws.

gangsta_red161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

I never liked the Banjo games and I found them all carbon copies of the Mario 64 formula.

A remake of this game would not win E3 in my opinion.

GaboonViper161d ago

I love Banjo but would prefer a Conker 2 or/and Perfect Dark.

ClanPsi1160d ago

I'd be perfectly okay with actual remasters of either Conker or Perfect Dark. Live and Uncut was f*cking awful and Perfect Dark Zero was... yeah....

Unreal01160d ago

Oh man. Perfect Dark is a great shout.

Akarogg 160d ago

Banjo Kazooie was awesome