Which Game Series Burned You Out?

The PC Gamer team share some of their personal choices, ranging from Far Cry to King's Quest.

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SegaGamer1109d ago

Lego games. I still like them, but they are basically the same thing over and over again.

Aceman181109d ago

I'm burnt out on the fps CoD's, Bf's. Also kinda burnt out on the open world games even though I still enjoyed them.

ArchangelMike1109d ago

Got burnt out on Call of Duty after Black ops, burnt out on Assassins Creed after Brotherhood, got burnt out on Far Cry after Far Cry 3. Got burnt out on Destiny and The Division, also got burn out on Watchdogs after the first game as well.

The games that I am still playing though - Dark Souls III, God of War - on my second play through; same as Detroit Become Human (second play through as well). I'm still playing Battlefield 1 (what can I say I just love Operations)

Ukgamer1109d ago

For me it is the racing games that’s try to be too realistic I used to put god knows what hours into Gran Tourismo and Forza but much prefer Forza Horizon now. Can’t be arsed with one mistake and your out as I refuse to use the rewind function

CloudStrife9001109d ago

Me, when I see defeat, I drive round the track backwards trying to derail first place. Not sure whether they've put a ghost feature in place now but back when, like you, I put several hours into racing games, I enjoyed its collision mechanics. Totally agree with you on the FH front.

Couldn't help but feel as though FM7 felt more like an elaborate expansion to FM6. I think that's where I got burnt out the most. I've said it a million times before, I'd love to see another spin-off in the Forza franchise to go alongside Motorsport and Horizon, if, for anything, to add pacing.

TheCommentator1109d ago

Horizon is the best! Hoping for Japan in FH4... fingers crossed!

chris2351109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

open world games and western rpgs that look like fps shooters. but there are also entries that made me go „i guess i‘ve had enough of this setting“ after the first entry. tomb raider (this reboot thingy) or horizon zero dawn comes to mind. uncharted i also was already fatigued after the second one. got a very low tolerance for BS, i can‘t help it.

rivaldoo7771109d ago

It looks like you need to step back and enjoy reading books and some social activities than.

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The story is too old to be commented.